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Please note: All Peer Tutoring will be done online during 2020-2021.  More details available on Moodle.

The Student Success Centre exists to enhance the learning of the Crandall University community. For students who are looking for a little extra help to succeed in their studies, the Student Success Centre provides a variety of resources, from workshops, to peer tutoring, to writing help, and more.

The Student Success Centre is located on the main level of the Rawlyk Library in Murray Hall.

Student Success Centre FAQ

What services are offered at the Student Success Centre?

Free workshops and one-to-one appointments with peer tutors for tutoring or writing help are offered to help students develop strong academic habits, writing assistance, and life skills.

Who works at the Student Success Centre?

Services in the Student Success Centre are administered by Debbie MacPhail, Coordinator of Student Learning Services. Trained peer tutors as well as various staff and faculty contribute to the overall academic programming and support that is offered at the Centre.

When is the Student Success Centre open?

The Student Success Centre is located within the Rawlyk Library and its hours coincide with those of the library. At times, the Centre will not be staffed; however, students are encouraged to use the space to study or work on assignments whenever it is open. A schedule of when staff are available and events are planned will be posted at the Centre.

Do I have to be in academic difficulty or have special needs to use Student Success Centre?

No, the service exists for all Crandall students across all programs and all levels of academic success. Students are welcome to come to the Centre to work on assignments or papers with their own laptop or by using one of the desktop computers available. Students may also book the Smart Board in the Centre to practice for presentations.

Do I have to pay a fee for services in the Student Success Centre?

There are no additional fees for current Crandall students to access any of the services in the Student Success Centre.

Will the staff in the Student Success Centre help me with specific assignments?

Not usually, though staff might occasionally help you “decode” and understand the requirements for an assignment, as a first step in helping you plan and organize your workload.

Will the staff help students proofread their essays?

The Centre aims to help students develop academic skills so they will learn how to proofread their own writing. Although staff may help students to identify areas that need writing improvement, their goal is to help students gain independence and become confident in their own abilities.

Will the staff at the Centre discuss marks/evaluations with students?

No. The Success Centre staff will not question faculty decisions related to assessment, and they will not suggest to students the kinds of marks they think are deserved. Students will be encouraged to speak to their instructors about such issues.

Who do I talk to if I have physical or learning disabilities and need accommodations?

Crandall University seeks to offer all students equal access to the educational process. Therefore, students who have a diagnosed, pre-existing physical or educational disability must inform the Coordinator of Student Learning Services if they require accommodation for attendance, testing, participation in classroom, or laboratory activities. Professional documentation that is current and that establishes the nature of the disability and the recommendations for accommodations is required. For more information, contact Debbie MacPhail.

Does the Student Success Centre offer Personal Counselling, if needed?

Academic assistance in the Student Success Centre focuses only on improving your effectiveness and efficiency at studying and learning. If you are also coping with difficult personal/emotional issues which may be interfering with your academic progress, the staff may recommend that you also seek personal counselling from a professional counsellor. It is the choice of the student to pursue personal counselling or not.

How can I become a volunteer Peer Tutor in the Student Success Centre?

Upper level students are invited to apply to be peer tutors who can use their academic knowledge and experience in one-to-one tutoring and proofreading, or group learning and review sessions held within the Student Success Centre. This opportunity is open to any upper level Crandall University students from any major who meet the requirements and want to gain experience in personal communication and teaching. Tutoring in the Student Success Centre offers practical experience for BEd students, TESL students, and others who desire to develop their leadership skills while assisting fellow students in their academic journey.

Volunteer peer tutor application forms are available from Debbie MacPhail. Contact her at the Student Success Centre or by email to

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