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Crandall Student Association (CSA)

The Crandall Student Association is responsible for the wants, needs, and well being of the students. We as an association meet to discuss, iron out, and voice the concern of students so we can then pass them onto the administration. We as a whole are responsible for services, external opportunities with the public, our finances, and so much more. We work hard as a team to come together and do things for the good of the student. They are our number one priority.

The CSA is separated into the executive and the senate members, as well as hired positions. There are many different opportunities to get involved with us! There are senate members based on discipline, i.e. Arts, Science, etc. to ensure the students of Crandall are well represented. A great way to get involved at Crandall is to be apart of the CSA!

You as the students are already part of the association, as the association is the student population as a whole. To become a greater part, run for a position, join a society! We want you, to enjoy your time at Crandall and to get involved!

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