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Crandall Student Association

Who we are

The Crandall Student Association is the organization responsible for representing Crandall’s student body. The CSA strives to ensure that all students have the best possible experience, and are responsible to voice concerns and issues from students to the University Administration. Through Events, Advocacy, Resources, support to Clubs and Societies, the Student Center, and much more, the mission of the Crandall Student Association is to provide the best possible atmosphere for every Student, Committee, Society, Club, and Group!

What we do

The Crandall Student Association is 100% student led, and there are many ways to get involved! The CSA is comprised of Executive and Senate Members. The CSA Executive team includes the President, VP External, VP Internal, VP Finance & Operations, VP Student Services, and VP Events & Programs. Together, these 6 positions work together to keep the CSA up and running, and strive to create the best environment for students!

The CSA also has senate members, who provide representation for students from their respective disciplines. Our Senators represent their respective programs, including Arts, Business, Science, and Education, while our Liaisons represent other distinct aspects of student life such as Chapel, Athletics, On and Off Campus, and International Students.

As a whole, the CSA works together to ensure that our student community has the best atmosphere possible! Some of the things we do are hold monthly events, host Christmas and Spring Banquets, upkeep our Student Center (located in Stultz Hall), provide support to student Club and Societies, and most importantly, provide advocacy and representation to the student body!

Get involved!

There are many ways to get involved with the Crandall Student Association! Elections take place in March, and By-Elections occur in September, so make sure to keep an eye out for announcements about these! We also have numerous events and activities throughout the year, and they are always sure to be a blast!

To stay updated on what the CSA is up to, follow us on Instagram @CrandallCSA

CSA Leadership

The CSA office is located at SH 034, located in the basement of Stultz Hall, outside of the Student Centre.

Office Hours


10:00-11:15 AM VP Events & Programs – Laine Bennett
1:00-2:15 PM VP External – Matt Palmer


12:45-2:45 PM President – Luke Sullivan


10:15-11:30 AM VP Internal – AJ Kadri
1:00-2:15 PM VP Finance & Operations – Luke Knowles


1:00-2:15 PM VP Student Services – Sarah MacCormack

Graduate Student Society

To stay updated on what the GSS is up to, follow us on Instagram @Crandallugss

GSS Leadership

The GSS office is located at SH 032, located in the basement of Stultz Hall, outside of the Student Centre.

President – Funmilayo Victoria Ajare

VP External – Jupinder Pal Cheema

VP Internal – Finny John

VP Student Services – Aditi Jain

VP Finance & Operations – Victor Dakpo

VP Events & Programs – Pratik Das

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The best way to see all that Crandall University has to offer is to come for a campus tour. We can also customize a campus tour to your specific interests.

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