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Your involvement in student life may offer valuable opportunities for leadership, fun, and much more.  We know you are busy but your involvement offers a chance to make a difference in the Crandall community and beyond.

Why should you get involved?

Make friends that will last a lifetime

As you connect with others who have like interests, you become part of a support team who shares your commitment.

Gain new experience and enhance your résumé

The responsibility you take and the leadership skills you develop will be an important addition to your résumé when you consider further education or finding a job.

Be an agent of change

Use your voice and talents to make a difference on campus and in the Greater Moncton area.

How can you get involved in student life?

Visit Crandall University

The best way to see all that Crandall University has to offer is to come for a campus tour. We can also customize a campus tour to your specific interests.

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