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Worship Apprenticeship

Worship plays a vital role in student life at Crandall. Worship services, from weekly chapels to special events on and off campus, take place throughout the school year. Student involvement is essential to making these both successful and meaningful for the whole community. The Worship Apprenticeship is an opportunity for Crandall students to lead and contribute to this ministry while developing their gifts and pursuing their degree.


As a co-curricular program, the Worship Apprenticeship helps students:

  • foster Christ-focused and Spirit-led worship for the glory of God at Crandall University and associated ministries.
  • identify and cultivate God-given gifts in the Worship Arts, including but not limited to singing, instrumentation, sound, lights, visuals, prayer, the spiritual disciplines, and planning services.
  • grow in Christian character, while developing the ability and desire to contribute significantly to worship ministry wherever the Lord places them.



  • join a like-minded community of students who are passionate about God and the Worship Arts.
  • in addition to serving in a vibrant Chapel environment, receive many opportunities to join worship and tech teams at local churches, high schools, worship events, and youth camps.
  • have access to internships with local worship leaders and tech directors – though these will typically be offered to third- and fourth-year students.
  • participate in workshops run by leaders with a wealth of practical experience.
  • have the option to take accredited courses relevant to the Worship Arts in order to deepen their understanding of the theology and history of Christian worship.


  • Apprentices receive tuition relief (25% and higher*) depending on a combination of experience, ability, and commitment to the program.
  • This relief can be used in part to receive lessons from high quality local music teachers, which will be facilitated by the university.
  • Upon graduation from Crandall, participants are granted a co-curricular Certificate in the Worship Arts.

Structure & Commitments:

  • The Worship Apprenticeship is a rolling year-on-year program designed for undergraduate students at Crandall.
  • Apprentices may participate anywhere from a minimum of one year up to the full duration of their undergraduate studies.
  • Participation is assessed yearly on the basis of experience, ability, and commitment to the program.
  • Apprentices are encouraged to arrive on campus early for the start of the Fall semester – ideally a few days before classes begin – to prepare for the coming Academic year.
  • Each semester, Apprentices are expected to participate in a minimum of one Chapel service per week and two external worship ministry events or church services.
  • Apprentices are expected to attend all assigned rehearsals, which typically take place once per week, and usually last no longer than 1.5 hrs.
  • Apprentices will also take part in mentoring sessions every two weeks with the Director of Worship Arts.

How to Apply

Application to the Apprenticeship requires submission of the following to the Director of Worship Arts, Matt Brouwer:

  • One single-spaced page that includes a description of your faith journey, a reflection on the relationship between faith and worship, and an explanation for why the applicant wants to participate in the Apprenticeship.
  • Two written testimonies, by church, camp, or youth leaders, sent directly to the Director of Worship Arts that attest to the applicant’s faith commitment, character, and abilities with respect to the Worship Arts.
  • A performance video (uploaded to YouTube or an equivalent service) in which the applicant plays and/or sings to a worship song of their choice or shows a worship song that they have engineered or lit.

All applicants will be contacted by the Director of Worship Arts, but only those under consideration for the Apprenticeship will receive an interview.

Successful applicants will normally be notified by the Director of Worship Arts no later than June 1 prior to the beginning of the Academic year.


All applications and/or queries should be sent to Matt.Brouwer@crandallu.ca


*Based on domestic undergraduate tuition rate.

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