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Academic Advising

At Crandall University, we believe that academic advising enables our students to develop the purpose, competence, and autonomy they will need to set a coherent direction for their lives both during and after their undergraduate education. Good advising encourages students to articulate their own educational goals. Well-advised students reflect upon the relationship between those objectives and other choices they make to inform not only course selections but also decisions such as studying off campus or participating in internships and co-curricular activities. Therefore, the goal of academic advising at Crandall University is to promote holistic education, the kind of education that seeks to develop the whole person (e.g. academic, emotional, physical, spiritual, social).

Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisors each year. Academic advisors are available to meet with students as needed. Students looking to meet with their advisors should arrange a meeting with their advisors by phone, email, or in person during office hours. Academic advisors may contact students to request appointments as they deem necessary.

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