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Zhan Yang, PhD Professor of Biology

Ph: 506-858-8970 Ext. 140
Email: Zhan.Yang@crandallu.ca


BSc (Hons), Zhejiang University
MSc, University of Leeds
PhD, Napier University

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Biology
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Immunology
  • Microbiology
  • Cell Biology
  • Nutrition
  • Genetics
  • Neuroscience

Select Publications & Presentations

Yang Z, Wang C, Tang Z and Song X. 2019. Sex Differences of the Relative Heterogeneity of Frailty in Relation to Age, Frailty, Health Protection, and Five-Year Mortality. Ageing Medicine. 2(4):1-9

Yang Z, Easy RH. 2019. Science Atlantic Aquaculture & Fisheries and Biology Conference Book. URNCST Journal (funded by the Government of Canada). 3(1):1-22

Yang Z, Song X. 2016. Heath Protective Factors Mitigate the Risks of Mortality and Deficit Accumulation in Ageing. JFA (The Journal of Frailty & Aging). 5 (sup 1): 106.

Padmos JD, Langman M, MacDonald K, Comeau P, Yang Z, Filiaggi M, and Zhang P. 2015. Correlating the Atomic Structure of Bimetallic Silver-gold Nanoparticles to Their Antibacterial and Cytotoxic Activities. Journal of Physical Chemistry Part C. 119 (13): 7472-7482.

Guo H, Song X, Schmidt MH, Vandorpe R, Yang Z, LeBlanc E, Zhang J, Beyea S, Zhang Y, Rockwood K. 2014. A standard procedure for creating an MRI-based brain atrophy and lesion index (BALI) for the evaluation of whole brain health in aging and Alzheimer’s disease. JAD (Journal of Alzheimer’s Diseases). 42:691-703.

Shi J, Yang Z, Song X, Yu P, Fang X, Tang Z, Peng D, Mitnitski A, Rockwood K.  2014 . The limit of deficit accumulation and the five-year mortality in late mid-aged and older Chinese men and women: results from the Beijing longitudinal study of aging.  J Gerontol Med Sci  69(6):702-9.

Bahuguna A, Yang Z and Samuel E. 2011. Slums in Chandigarh, India: a public health hazard. Indian J. Soc. Dev. 11:567-580.

Yang Z and Marshall JS. 2009. Intracellular ROS generated by zymosan activated murine mast cells is dectin-1 dependent.  Immunobiology. 214:321-330

Liya Zhao, Zhan Yang, Hongbin Chen, Li Zhaohua, Zhao Halin and Zhao Xueyong. 2009. The Relationship between Functional Group Composition and Plant Community Productivity in Sandy Grasslands along Desertification Gradients. Journal of Hubei University (Natural Science).  31:88-92

Liya Zhao, Zhan Yang and Hongbin Chen. 2008. A recycling and composting strategy of urban organic garbage. Excellent Research Articles of Chinese Environmental Sciences. Chinese Environmental Sciences Publishers. Vol. II. Pp. 1249-1252

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