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Xing (Lucy) Huang, PhD (cand.) Assistant Professor of Psychology

Ph: 506-858-8970 Ext. 175
Email: Lucy.Huang@crandallu.ca


BSc, North China University of Technology & Science
MEd, Beijing Normal University
PhD (cand.), UNB

Honours & Scholarships

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (2018-2021)
NB Social Innovation Scholarship (2015)
Excellent Teacher Award (2014)
Graduate Student Scholarship (2007-2010)
Outstanding Graduates Scholarship (2007)

Courses Taught

  • Advanced Research Methods
  • Neuropsychology
  • Psychology of Emotions
  • Positive Psychology
  • Adolescent Development

Select Publications & Presentations

Huang, X., & Perunovic, E. (2021).  What predicts Chinese immigrants’ attitude towards “Sleeping Over” on the first date? The importance level of spirituality. Manuscript in preparation.

Huang, X., & Voyer, D. (2020). The speed-accuracy trade-off in a map reading test. Manuscript under review.

Nazareth, A., Huang, X., Voyer, D., & Newcombe, N. (2019). A meta-analysis of sex differences in human navigation skills. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 26, 1503-1528.

Huang, X., & Voyer, D. (2017). Timing and sex effects on the “Spatial Orientation Test”: A World War II map reading test. Spatial Cognition & Computation17, 251-272.

Huang, X., & Voyer, D. (2016). Reference Frames in Map Reading. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, 70, 380-380.

Huang X. (2009). Current situation and implications of homeschooling in the United States of America. Youth and Society: Educational Research at Home and Abroad, 8, 65. (In Chinese).

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