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Elden Wiebe, PhD Professor of Management

Ph: 506-858-8970 Ext. 395
Email: Elden.Wiebe@crandallu.ca

Dr. Elden Wiebe is Professor of Management at Crandall University. He received his PhD in Organizational Analysis from the University of Alberta. He also received a Master of Christian Studies (New Testament) from Regent College (Vancouver, BC) and a Bachelor of Arts (Christianity and Culture) from Trinity Western University. Dr. Wiebe joined the faculty at Crandall University in 2022.

Dr. Wiebe’s research is primarily focused on time/temporality, and spirituality in the workplace. His publications and presentations on time/temporality relate to

  1. The Past: how the past can be a source of innovation, and a source of competitive advantage; how it can be reinterpreted and re-written to rehabilitate organizational reputation; and how organizational memory is constructed.
  2. The Present: how time is used to frame organizational change and to re-energize organizational change, and how time can be a source for identifying entrepreneurial opportunities
  3. The Future: how ‘understanding our times’ can help us live into a better future

Dr. Wiebe’s publications and presentations on spirituality in the workplace relate to

  1. Going beyond critique to praxis
  2. Challenging the instrumentality of bringing spirituality into the workplace
  3. Living out Christian spirituality in the workplace
  4. How nature is a stakeholder from the perspective of Christian theology
  5. How our view of salvation shapes our organizational practices
  6. How spirituality can be integrated into small business processes and behavior

Dr. Wiebe is currently working on how messianic time can inform our approach to climate change.

Prior to teaching at Crandall University, Dr. Wiebe taught at The King’s University, Edmonton, AB, and at Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS.


BA, Trinity Western University
MA, Regent College
PhD, University of Alberta

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