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Kim Alley, MA

Psychology506-858-8970 Ext: 108kim.alley@crandallu.ca

Catherine Aquino-Russell, PhD

Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext: 143

Kelly Arnold, MBA

Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext. 143

Ally Baker, BA

Admissions Office 506-858-8970 Ext: 106ally.baker@crandallu.ca

Erin Bateman, BA

International Academic Programs 506-858-8970 Ext: 395erin.bateman@crandallu.ca

Allison Bernardi, DC

Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext. 143allison.bernardi@crandallu.ca

Jeff Bisanti

Food Services 506-858-8970 Ext: 110jeff.bisanti@crandallu.ca

Édouard Boccoz, MAS

International Academic Programs

Keith Bodner, PhD

Religious Studies506-858-8970 Ext: 137Keith.Bodner@crandallu.ca

Coreen Bodner, PhD

Kinesiology, Mathematics, Organizational Management, Science506-858-8970 Ext: 190Coreen.Bodner@crandallu.ca

Cody Bolton, BEd

Communication Arts506-858-8970 Ext.108

Denis Bourque, PhD

French506-858-8970 Ext: 108Denis.Bourque@crandallu.ca

Frannie Branswell, BBA

Office of the President and Advancement 506-858-8970 ext. 133frannie.branswell@crandallu.ca

Andrew Brown

Facilities 506-858-8970

Dannie Brown, DBA

Academic Office, International Academic Programs , Management506-858-8970 Ext: 130dannie.brown@crandallu.ca

Heather Burke, CPA, CA

Financial Office 506-858-8970 Ext: 104Heather.Burke@crandallu.ca

Christopher Buschhaus, PhD

Science506-858-8970 Ext: 131Christopher.Buschhaus@crandallu.ca

Tye Campbell, PhD

EducationExt. 198 Tye.Campbell@crandallu.ca

Jeff Carter, Phd, DMin

Admissions Office 902-670-5594jeff.carter@crandalluniversity.ca

Alan Chan, PhD

Business Administration, Economics, Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext: 125Alan.Chan@crandallu.ca

Sarah Tieying Chen, MBA

Business Administration506-858-8970 Ext: 108

Graeme Ching, MA

Academic Office , Education, English506-858-8970 Ext. 127Graeme.Ching@crandallu.ca

Marcio Coelho, PhD

International Academic Programs

David Cook, MA

Admissions Office 506-863-6434 David.Cook@crandallu.ca

Colin Cook

Athletics 506-858-8970 Ext: 191womens.volleyball@crandallu.ca

Kimberley Cook, MA

Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext: 143kimberley.cook@crandallu.ca

Daniel Cooper, PhD

Religious Studies506-858-8970 ext: 108daniel.cooper@crandallu.ca

Seth Crowell, PhD

Management, Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext: 143Seth.Crowell@crandallu.ca

Nicholous M. Deal, PhD

International Academic Programs

Leanne B. Delaney, BEd

Education506-858-8970 Ext: 143leanne.delaney@crandallu.ca

Colleen DeLong, PhD

Communication Arts506-858-8970 Ext: 108colleen.delong@crandallu.ca

Mark Dennis, BA

Food Services 506-858-8970 Ext: 111

Allan Discua Cruz, PhD

International Academic Programs

Michelle Dobbin, MEd

Education506-858-8970 Ext: 143Michelle.Dobbin@crandallu.ca

Alisha Doucette, BComm

Financial Office, Student Life and Transformation 506-858-8970 Ext. 222alisha.doucette@crandallu.ca

Laurie Douthwright, BA

Facilities 506-858-8970 Laurie.Douthwright@crandallu.ca

Barrie Doyle, BSc

Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext: 143Barrie.Doyle@crandallu.ca

Jim Druart

Athletics 506-858-8970 Ext: 180jim.druart@crandallu.ca

Gail Duffy, BAOrgM

Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext. 143gailduffy@crandalluniversity.ca

Damian Dyke

Athletics 506-858-8970 Ext: 191Damian.Dyke@crandallu.ca

Bruce G. Fawcett, PhD

Office of the President and Advancement 506-858-8970

Kenneth Frost, MEd

Education506-858-8970 Ext: 202ken.frost@crandallu.ca

Heather George, CPA

Business Administration506-858-8970 Ext: 108Heather.George@crandallu.ca

David Gerhardt, MEd

Education506-858-8970 Ext: 143David.Gerhardt@crandallu.ca

Heather Gerhardt, MEd

Education506-858-8970 Ext: 143Heather.Gerhardt@crandallu.ca

Keith Grant, PhD

History506-858-8970 Ext: 142keith.grant@crandallu.ca

Jessica Grimes, MA

Registrar's Office 506-858-8970 Ext: 153Jessica.Grimes@crandallu.ca

Melody Grove, MA

Sociology506-858-8970 Ext: 108Melody.Grove@crandallu.ca

Cody Guitard, MA, MTS

Student Life and Transformation 506-858-8970 Ext: 115cody.guitard@crandallu.ca

Dieu Hack-Polay, PhD

Management506-858-8970 Ext: 145dieu.hack-polay@crandallu.ca

Mark Hanson, PhD

Religious Studiesmark.hanson@crandallu.ca

Cathlene Hillier, PhD

Education506-858-8970 Ext. 193cathlene.hillier@crandallu.ca

Brent Hudson, MTS

Organizational Management, Religious Studies506-858-8970 Ext: 108Brent.Hudson@crandallu.ca

J-F, PhD

Education506-858-8970 Ext. 203jf@crandallu.ca

Andrew Jardine, MBA

Business Administration506-858-8970 Ext: 108andrew.jardine@crandallu.ca

Krista Johnson

Admissions Office, Professional Programs 506-858-8970 Ext. 385krista.johnson@crandallu.ca

Nancy Jonah, MEd

Education506-858-8970 Ext. 143nancy.jonah@crandallu.ca

Kelle Keating Marshall, PhD

Education506-858-8970 Ext. 143kellelmarshall@crandalluniversity.ca

Sandi Killeen, MTh

Religious Studies506-858-8970 Ext: 108Sandi.Killeen@crandallu.ca

Robert Knowles, DMin

Office of the President and Advancement , Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext: 101Robert.Knowles@crandallu.ca

Crystal Knowles, MOrgM

Campus Housing 506-858-8970 Ext: 141crystal.knowles@crandallu.ca

Lilian Korir, PhD

International Academic Programs

Donna Lagacy, MEd

Education506-858-8970 Ext: 143Donna.Lagacy@crandallu.ca

Amy Lean MacArthur, MBA

Business Administration, Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext: 188Amy.MacArthur@crandallu.ca

Brandon LeBlanc

Athletics 506-858-8970 Ext: 191crosscountry@crandallu.ca

Jean LeBlanc

Facilities 506-858-8970

Marybeth LeBouthillier, BA, MEd

Registrar's Office 506-858-8970 Ext: 149Marybeth.LeBouthillier@crandallu.ca

Mark Lee, DPhil

History506-858-8970 Ext: 126mark.lee@crandallu.ca

Teemu Lehtonen, PhD, DMin

Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext: 143Teemu.Lehtonen@crandallu.ca

Gui Loth, MBA

Academic Office guiloth@crandalluniversity.ca

Peter Lutes

Information Technology Services 506-858-8970 Ext: 164peter.lutes@crandallu.ca

Kim Lutes

Athletics 506-858-8970 Ext: 192kim.lutes@crandallu.ca

Faye Lutes, BA

Athletics 506-858-8970 Ext: 191faye.lutes@crandallu.ca

Shelly Lyons, MAdEd

Professional Programs , Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext: 143Shelly.Lyons@crandallu.ca

Jeff MacArthur, BBA

Business Administration506-858-8970 Ext: 108Jeff.MacArthur@crandallu.ca

Robert MacDonald, MBA

Business Administration506-858-8970 Ext: 136robert.macdonald@crandallu.ca

Sarah MacKenzie, BA

Registrar's Office , Spanish506-858-8970 Ext. 148registrar@crandallu.ca

Sheldon MacLeod, MAdEd

Management, Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext: 143

Greg Maillet, PhD

English, Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext: 173Greg.Maillet@crandallu.ca

Jennifer Maillet, MA

Library, Writing and Student Success Services , English506-858-8970 Ext. 229Jennifer.Maillet@crandallu.ca

Bruce Martin, PhD

Geography506-858-8970 Ext: 108Bruce.Martin@crandallu.ca

Rahul Massey, BA, AAMA

Admissions Office 506-858-8970rahul.massey@crandallu.ca

Nancy Matthews, PhD

Education506-858-8970 Ext: 143Nancy.Matthews@crandallu.ca

Brenda Mawhinney, MEd

Education506-858-8970 Ext: 197brenda.mawhinney@crandallu.ca

Frank McDonald

Facilities 506-858-8970 Ext. 109Frank.McDonald@crandallu.ca

Todd McKillop

Athletics 506-858-8970 Ext: 191Todd.McKillop@crandallu.ca

Maryann McLeish, MSc

International Academic Programs Maryann.McLeish@crandallu.ca

Drew Mersereau, MDiv

Religious Studiesdrew.mersereau@crandallu.ca

Dorilee Milner, BA

Worship Arts506-858-8970 Ext: 108Dorilee.Milner@crandallu.ca

Tim Milner, MA

Student Life and Transformation , Worship Arts506-858-8970 Ext: 270tim.milner@crandallu.ca

Donald E. Moore, MBA, PMP

Management, Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext. 189donald.moore@crandallu.ca

Wendy Nason, MBA

Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext. 143wendy.nason@crandallu.ca

Darrell Nevers, BA

Office of the President and Advancement 506-858-8970 Ext: 132darrell.nevers@crandallu.ca

Edward Newell, EdD

Education, Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext: 204ted.newell@crandallu.ca

Jon Ohlhauser, PhD

Academic Office, Athletics , Communication Arts, Management, Organizational Management506-858-8970 ext: 108

Andrew Oulton, BSc

Information Technology Services 506-858-8970 Ext: 288andrewd.oulton@crandallu.ca

Obed Owusu, PhD

Management506-858-8970 Ext: 395Obed.Owusu@crandallu.ca

Amy Pattison, BBA

Conference Services 506-858-8970 Ext. 185amy.pattison@crandallu.ca

David Purdy, MLS, MA

Library, Writing and Student Success Services 506-858-8970 Ext. 114david.purdy@crandallu.ca

Stacie Reck, PhD

Education506-858-8970 Ext: 143Stacie.Reck@crandallu.ca

Shannon Reid, CPA

Business Administrationshannon.reid@crandallu.ca

Sam Reimer, PhD

Sociology506-858-8970 ext: 139Sam.Reimer@crandallu.ca

Chris Robb, MOrgM

Admissions Office 506-858-8970 Ext: 454chris.robb@crandallu.ca

Elissa Rodkey, PhD

Psychology506-858-8970 Ext: 123elissa.rodkey@crandallu.ca

Cathy Rogers, PhD


Roger Russell, PhD

Academic Office, Professional Programs , Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext. 162Roger.Russell@crandallu.ca

Catrina Russell-Dolan, MOrgM

Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext: 143

Gilda O. Ryder, MBA

Office of the President and Advancement 506-858-8970 Ext: 134Gilda.Ryder@Crandallu.ca

Edith Samuel, PhD

Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext. 143Edith.Samuel@crandallu.ca

Julie Schell, MA

Education506-858-8970 Ext: 143Julie.Schell@crandallu.ca

Jordan Schriver, PhD (cand)

Psychology506-858-8970 Ext: 152jordan.schriver@crandallu.ca

Melbourne J. Schriver, PhD

Science506-858-8970 Ext: 206Mel.Schriver@crandallu.ca

Jillian Smith

Athletics 506-858-8970 Ext: 191athletics@crandallu.ca

J. Wellington Sousa, PhD (cand.)

Management506.858.8970 Ext.144Wellington.Sousa@crandallu.ca

John G. Stackhouse, Jr., PhD

Academic Office , Religious Studies506-858-8970 Ext: 187john.stackhouse@crandallu.ca

Dale Stairs, PhD (cand)

Academic Office, ClayStone, Student Life and Transformation 506-858-8970 Ext: 121dale.stairs@crandallu.ca

Twila Stairs, BA

Academic Office, ClayStone 506-858-8970 Ext: 108TwilaStairs@crandalluniversity.ca

Renee Stam, BSN


Tyler Steckly, BBA

Admissions Office 506-858-8970 Ext: 386tyler.steckly@crandallu.ca

Abram Steen, PhD

English506-858-8970 Ext: 146Abram.Steen@crandallu.ca

Heather Steeves, CPA, CA

Business Administration506-858-8970 Ext: 120Heather.Steeves@crandallu.ca

Greg Steeves, MA

Communication Arts, Education, Psychology506-858-8970 Ext: 108Greg.Steeves@crandallu.ca

Adam Stewart, PhD

Sociology506-858-8970 Ext: 124adam.stewart@crandallu.ca

Rebecca Stewart, MSW


Michael Sullivan, MA

History506-858-8970 Ext: 108

Kevin Talbot

Athletics 506-858-8970 Ext: 191kevin.talbot@crandallu.ca

Stephanie Thorne, BBA, CPA

Business Administration506-858-8970 Ext: 108stephanie.thorne@crandallu.ca

Frank Trail, DMin

Religious Studies506-858-8970 Ext: 108frank.trail@crandallu.ca

Stephen Trueman, LLB

Organizational Management506-858-8970 Ext. 143stephen.trueman@crandallu.ca

Meggan Watkins, BA, B.Ed

Admissions Office 506-858-8970 Ext. 122meggan.watkins@crandallu.ca

Steven Watts, PhD

History506-858-8970 Ext: 108

Steven Watts, PhD

Student Life and Transformation , HistorySteve.Watts@crandallu.ca

Heather Waugh

Office of the President and Advancement 506-858-8970 Ext: 459heather.waugh@crandallu.ca

Nathan Weaver, BA

Facilities 506-858-8970 ext: 109

Lorrie Weir

Admissions Office, Professional Programs 506-858-8970 Ext: 290Lorrie.Weir@crandallu.ca

Dawn Welner

Financial Office 506-858-8970 Ext: 118Dawn.Welner@crandallu.ca

Stewart West, MEd

Education506-858-8970 Ext: 151Stewart.West@crandallu.ca

Wade White, PhD (cand)

Religious Studies506-858-8970 Ext: 108Wade.White@crandallu.ca

Dorothy White, MEd

Education506-858-8970 Ext: 143Dorothy.White@crandallu.ca

Robert Williams, PhD

Psychology506-858-8970 Ext: 108Robert.Williams@crandallu.ca

Janet Williston

Academic Office 506-858-8970 Ext. 108Janet.Williston@crandallu.ca

Adam Wright

Information Technology Services 506-858-8970 Ext: 174Adam.Wright@crandallu.ca

Zhan Yang, PhD

Science506-858-8970 Ext. 140Zhan.Yang@crandallu.ca

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