General Examination Regulations for Students

  1. All materials or belongings that students bring into the examination room are to be left at the front of the room and inaccessible to the students. The only exception will be for those courses where the professors have approved the use of certain notes or materials to write their exams.
  2. All cellular phones and other electronic devices must be turned off or on silent. Such devices may not be on the student’s person, and they must remain inaccessible while in the examination room.In rare cases, students may request that the Chief Proctor have access to the device only when the student is expecting a call of an emergency nature.
  3. Students must bring their Crandall University-issued student identification cards to be placed on their desks as they write to be eligible to write the examination. If the cards are not produced, professors/proctors may accept another form of photo identification instead. Students whose identification cards are not considered acceptable by the professors/proctors will not be permitted to write until such time as their identities are confirmed. Any loss of time, due to inadequate provision of identification, shall by forfeited by the students.
  4. Whenever possible, students writing the same exam will distance themselves from their classmates by at least one space.
  5. After the examination has begun, students may not enter or leave the room within the first thirty (30) minutes. This is to ensure adequate time for students properly to review and understand the exam and to facilitate a low distraction environment. If the professor is late, but arrives within the thirty minute period, the examination will proceed with additional, corresponding time allowed to compensate for the late start. If the professor has not arrived after thirty minutes, students will be dismissed and asked to leave the examination room quietly. The professor will then need to make suitable arrangements with the Vice President for Academic Affairs to adjust the course grades so that no student shall be penalized for the lack of opportunity to write the examination.
  6. Once the examination has started, students may, with the permission of a professor or proctor, leave the examination room briefly only to use the washroom. In such cases, students must be accompanied by an assigned proctor, or they may go alone if the proctor deems that the washroom is free of study aids. In either case, students may not leave the examination room with electronic devices.
  7. After the examination has begun, students may not enter or leave the examination room within the first thirty (30) minutes. Students who arrive late for examinations may be barred from writing, and they must immediately submit a written appeal with the Registrar’s Office. Students may be permitted to write the examination in the remaining time pending both room and proctor availability and that their entrance will not be a distraction to others already writing. No extension of time will be granted to students who are allowed to sit in the examination after arriving late. The Academic Standards and Appeals Committee decides whether or not to accept late students’ examinations for grading.
  8. Misreading the exam schedule is not a valid reason for missing an exam. A rewrite will not be permitted without a formal appeal approved by the Academic Standards and Appeals Committee.
  9. After students have written the exam, they are not permitted to linger in hallways near the examination rooms as these are designated quiet zones.
  10. Students caught in the act of cheating, or accused of such, shall be subject to the procedures for suspected academic dishonesty. Should students be found guilty of academic dishonesty, the penalty will minimally include an “F” on the examination. Such penalties may also include an “F” on the course, suspension, or dismissal from Crandall University.
  11. Students are not permitted to bring food into the examination room. Students may bring a beverage, but water only is permitted in the Court. If a student must bring food for medical reasons, that individual is to contact the Registrar’s Office a minimum of two weeks prior to the examination period so that arrangements can be made.
  12. Students are subject to any and all applicable policies within the Academic Regulations of Crandall University, and they should be aware of such as noted within this current Academic Calendar.

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