View More: can be a busy and exciting time for students, and this information is intended to help enhance the celebratory experience of potential graduates, their families and friends, and the wider community.

Convocation ceremonies at Crandall University are held typically in the month of May. Degrees and certificates are awarded to students who successfully complete the program requirements as prescribed by the Senate of Crandall University.  At Convocation, Crandall University will award degrees and certificates at the undergraduate and graduate levels from a variety of faculties.

Application to Graduate

Convocation 2018 Event

Watch the 2018 Convocation Recording

View the Official List of 2018 Graduates (.pdf)

Pre-Ceremony Information

Application to Graduate

Apply to Graduate here

All students must apply to graduate, whether or not they plan to attend the ceremony. All potential graduates, including those whose parchments are to be conferred at the Fall Administrative Convocation and including those who are completing certificate programs, must complete the form and pay the $50 processing fee.

Name Pronunciation

To help ensure that your name is properly pronounced when it is called during Convocation, please write your name as it sounds, and email it to


Grad List

The grad list will be posted at noon the day before Convocation on this page.

Grad Photo Composite

A photo composite is put together each year and is proudly displayed on the upper hallway of Murray Hall for years to come. If you have questions, please contact Diane Tait at

Grad Rings

Proudly wear one of Crandall’s new grad rings. For more information on how to order your new grad ring, contact Crandall’s Alumni Office by emailing or phoning 863-6444.

Student Accounts

All fees must be paid in full before you can receive your degree parchment, transcript, or grades. If you have questions regarding your account, please contact the Finance Office (

Mailbox Keys

Students who are graduating, or not returning to Crandall, should return mailbox keys to Crystal Knowles (Stultz Hall) to ensure that they receive their $50 refund.


If you require copies of your transcript, please fill out the online Transcript Request form.  All requests for official transcripts must be accompanied by a $10 processing fee. The online request form may be accessed here. Note that transcript requests will be processed after Convocation.

Accommodation Requests

If you or a guest has an accommodation request such as wheelchair seating, please email  In your email, please ensure that your name, the name of the person needing the accommodation, and the nature of the request are clearly identified.

Day of Ceremony Information

Schedule of Events for Students

In the spring of 2018, the ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, May 5th at 2:00 p.m.  Please report to Stultz Hall’s room 117/127 by 1:00 p.m.

Please be on time.

Academic Regalia and Convocation-Day Attire

All graduates must wear academic regalia for the ceremony.  Regalia is picked up the day of the ceremony, and this is part of the reason why you are asked to arrive early for the ceremony.  A coat rack will be provided in SH117/127, but it is recommended that purses and valuables not be left in this room.  Please ensure that your phones are turned off before the procession as well as during the ceremony.

The Ceremonies

The ceremonies will take place in The Court, which is located in Murray Hall’s lower level.

Conferral of Certificates and Degrees

There is no grad rehearsal, but students are asked to meet in Stultz Hall’s 117/127 at least an hour early to receive their instructions regarding the process of lining up, the process of hooding, and the conferral of certificates and degrees.

Issuing of Parchments

Parchments will be handed out during Convocation.  For those who have requested that the parchments be mailed to them, parchments will be mailed the week following Convocation.


After the ceremony, the participants will leave in the following order: stage party first; graduates next; and finally, the audience.  Due to the large volume of people, it is advisable to plan to meet your guests far from the doors to the ceremony location.

After the Ceremony Information

Please return academic regalia to Stultz Hall’s room 117/127 after the ceremony.  Please feel free to take a few minutes for pictures with family, friends, and faculty/staff members before returning the regalia.

The Chancellor’s Reception

After the ceremony, light refreshments will be served in the Stultz Hall Commons.

Parchment Frames

Frames bearing the Crandall University logo will be available for purchase at Convocation, and they can be purchased anytime in the Alumni Office. For more information email


The Crandall University bookstore, which is located in Stultz Hall, will be open on Convocation Day for the purchase of souvenirs.


Fall Administrative Convocation

Parchments are conferred at the Convocation nearest to the completion of students’ program requirements. Therefore, those who complete their graduation requirements in the spring session will apply to graduate on the Fall Conferral of Degrees day, which in 2017 is scheduled for November 6th.  Since no ceremony is connected to the Fall Conferral of Degrees, students who graduate on that day may participate in the Spring Convocation and are encouraged to do so.

Want to speak with someone about convocation? Please contact us at: