Auditing Courses

Auditing Courses

What does auditing a course mean?

When you audit a course, you are permitted to attend classes but you do not submit assignments, write papers, tests or examinations. Credit is not given nor is a mark awarded for audited courses. Courses will appear on the transcript with the notation “AUD.” If not already admitted to the University, audit students must register through

Current enrolled students may audit many of the courses offered with the permission of the Instructor and Registrar.

Registration for an audit is available from the first day of courses until the last day to add a course.

Fees for auditing a course

All students auditing a course pay one-half of the regular tuition fee for that course.

A student registered to audit a course who during the session wishes to change the registration to credit must receive approval from the Registrar and pay the difference in course fees. This must be done on or before the last day for withdrawal without a “W,” as shown in the table of course Add/Drop Dates in the academic calendar. The same deadline applies for changing from credit to audit.

Those interested in auditing a course who are aged 65+ are eligible to audit the course for free (based on availability).

For a list of courses being offered, please view the course listings on the Registrar’s Office page.

NEW Featured Courses for Fall 2019

The following courses are now available for audit and may be eligible to receive a 75% off bursary from Crandall University. Please contact for more information.

HI3063-1 Intelligence and Espionage in the 20th Century

This course is taught by Michael Sullivan, (M.A. History and former National Security Investigator), and explores the history of intelligence and espionage and its use as a foreign policy tool in the 20th century. Examines the growing importance of intelligence in response to asymmetrical warfare, and asks whether it has made society more or less secure.

Dates: September 13-14; October 4-5; November 23 (9:00 am – 4:00 pm)

Cost to audit: $447.50 – *75% = $111.88 (under age 65)
*Subject to availability

RS3323-1 Eschatology

Dr. Rick Thomas will guide you through the history of Christian thought in the light of Scripture to explore the doctrine of the “last things,” including heaven, hell, the new heavens and new earth, the intermediate state, among other topics.

Dates: Tuesdays (6:15 pm – 9:00 pm), starting September 10, 2019.

Cost to audit: $447.50 – *75% = $111.88 (under age 65)
*Subject to availability


If you’re interested in auditing courses at Crandall University, please contact us at for more details or to enroll.