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Bachelor of Theology FAQ

How is it possible to get two full degrees in 4 years?

The key is in the number of courses that count toward both degrees. We have planned this program so that a significant number of courses overlap between Crandall and ADC requirements

Two degrees at once sounds like a lot of work – how hard is it?

There is more work, but not a lot. Each year you take a full-year praxis course in which you volunteer in church or community ministries (so you take 5.5 courses instead of the usual 5). The other extra courses are taken in the spring session, so they don’t overlap with other courses.

How much extra does it cost to take the BTh along with a Crandall Degree?

The only extra costs are the tuition for four spring courses (taken directly from Acadia Divinity College after years 2 and 3, and for an international mission experience. The cost for this will be no more than $300 per course and the actual cost of the mission trip.

Does a BTh prepare me for vocational ministry?

This is a very solid foundational degree for those who want to work in ministry positions, but does not specifically prepare you for vocational ministry. It is, however, an excellent foundation for a Master of Divinity, and Crandall’s Advanced Standing Agreement with Acadia Divinity College means you could shave one full year off your MDiv!

Where will I study if I’m accepted into this program?

Most of your study will take place at Crandall, but in the spring term after your second and third years, you will spend two weeks studying at Acadia University.

Does this degree prepare me for further study?

Absolutely! The unique combination of this degree and your Crandall degree will prepare you for a variety of options for further study.

Do I really get an Acadia degree as well as one from Crandall?

You certainly do! On completion of your studies, you will be able to participate in graduation activities at both Crandall and Acadia!

How is it possible for me to get two degrees for such a low price?

Both schools have a firm commitment to discipleship and training young leaders. Because of this common interest, they have worked out a tuition-sharing agreement that makes the low cost possible!

What are the entrance requirements for the BTh?

You need to have an 80% average in English 12-2 and four additional grade 12 academic-level courses

Practical Question: where do I pay my tuition?

You pay all of your tuition to Crandall, including the extra amount for the spring courses.

What extra classes do I take to complete the BTh?

The BTh courses that are specifically ADC courses (not normally available to other Crandall Students) are:

  • Christian Spiritual Formation
  • History of the Christian Church
  • Intro Praxis*
  • Cross Cultural Mission Partnership
  • Mission Praxis*
  • Christian Theology 1&2
  • Christian Ethics
  • Junior Praxis*
  • Senior Praxis*
  • You will also be able to select 4 electives from areas such as evangelism, youth ministry or theology.

*Praxis courses are practical learning opportunities that involve students in intensive serving within community service and ministry organizations.

Who is the director of this program?

The Crandall-Acadia BTh Partnership program is led by Dale Stairs. He has a wealth of experience in youth ministry and is currently working on his PhD in the area of discipleship.

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