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Environmental Studies Program Requirements

Minor (BA, BBA)

Minor in Environmental Studies is 21 credit hours earned as follows:

  • 3 from BI1013
  • 3 from BI1023
  • 3 from GG1013
  • 3 from GG1023
  • 3 from BI2013
  • 3 from BI3013
  • 6 from BI2113, BI2213, BI2813, BI3613, , BI3813, BI3823, BI4703, Au Sable field course

Note: At least 6 credit hours must be at the 3000 or higher level. A field course (BI2813, BI3813, or an Au Sable field course) is highly recommended. This minor is only available for non-B.Sc. students.

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