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Biology Program Requirements

Biology gives students the opportunity to explore the diversity of life forms, their complex inter-relatedness, and the foundational issues related to their studies. A major in Biology will form the basis for graduate studies, for professional studies in education, for health sciences, or for entry-level jobs in various careers related to science.

Major (BSc)

Major in Biology is 42 credit hours earned as follows:

  • 3 from BI1013
  • 3 from BI1023
  • 3 from BI2013
  • 3 from BI3423
  • 3 from BI4913
  • 12 from Biology Electives with labs 15 from Biology Electives

Honours (BSc)

Honours in Biology is 54 credit hours earned as follows: 

  • 3 from BI1013 
  • 3 from BI1023 
  • 3 from BI2013 
  • 3 from BI2113 
  • 3 from BI2213 
  • 3 from BI3203 
  • 3 from BI3423 
  • 3 from BI4113 
  • 24 from Biology Electives, six credit hours of which must have a lab component 
  • 6 from BI4996


Minor in Biology

A Minor in Biology is 18 credit hours earned as follows:

  • 18 from Biology with at least nine credit hours in Biology laboratory courses.

Minor in Health Sciences

A Minor in Health Sciences is 18 credit hours earned as follows:

18 from BI2213, BI2413, BI3113, BI3123, BI3133, BI3153, BI3203, BI3333, BI3343, BI3413, BI3423, BI4413

Note: The Health Science minor is currently available only for those with a Biology major.

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