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Study the World’s Amazing Life Forms

Biology explores the world of living organisms. Findings in this field are crucial to advancements in agriculture, medicine, biotechnology and ecology. A degree in Biology from Crandall University will help you gain the analysis, interpretation and communications skills needed to begin your career in science or pursue advanced educational studies.

Together, with your professors and classmates, you will study the functions and interactions of living organisms by investigating their structure, behavior and life processes. In addition, you will have the opportunity to develop skills that enhance your understanding of the world by completing the university’s holistic liberal arts core curriculum.

Program highlights

Classes are small, so you receive lots of hands-on help from professors, which is an enormous advantage in scientific exploration. Take courses that help you gain more than the skills of a biologist. A degree in Biology from Crandall will help you develop as a human being.

Biology classes are “high contact.” In labs and class discussions, you will interact heavily with other students and your professors. Conduct experiments in the University’s “outdoor lab” located within the nearby scrub forest where a natural stream runs along the edge of the Crandall campus. Some of the research we undertake through the program would be considered “graduate level” at other universities.

Take field trips to such places as the Bay of Fundy and nearby wildlife preserves to band birds and study in the field.

Biology students have the opportunity to participate in the CUBS Biology Society on campus.

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