Bachelor of Organizational Management - Program Requirements

Bachelor of Organizational Management Requirements

Like the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, the Bachelor of Organizational Management is designed and delivered in a non-traditional format, and it is offered through the Professional Studies Division of Crandall University. This 90 credit hour program is for mature adults (at least 21 years of age) who are looking to earn a bachelor’s degree and who can transfer up to 30 credit hours into the program. Students who are looking to further their education after their bachelor’s degree (i.e. a Bachelor of Education or a Master’s degree) should consider the 120 credit hour Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management.

Students can transfer a maximum of 30 credits toward this degree. Of the 30 credits, no more than 15 credits can be outside the fields of Arts, Business, or Science.

Arts, Business, or Science Electives (15 credits)

These courses may be completed through transfer credit or through courses at Crandall University.

General Electives (15 credits)

These general electives can include a maximum of 15 credit hours in non-Arts, Business, or Science courses.

Required Courses (60 credit hours)

  • OM3003 – Adult Development & Life Assessment (3 cr. hrs)
  • OM3103 – Group & Organizational Dynamics (3 cr. hrs)
  • OM3813 – Managerial Marketing (3 cr. hrs)
  • OM3413 – Social Problems & Their Impact on the Workplace (3 cr. hrs)
  • OM1043 – Western Ideas in Literature (3 cr. hrs)
  • OM3713 – Systems Approach to Organizational Change (3 cr. hrs)
  • OM3764 – Research Methods for Management (4 cr. hrs)
  • OM3914 – Business Law (4 cr. hrs)
  • OM1003 – Biblical Themes (3 cr. hrs)
  • OM4904 – Applied Research Project (4 cr. hrs)
  • OM3113 – Issues in Management (3 cr. hrs)
  • OM3213 – Managerial Accounting (3 cr. hrs)
  • OM3313 – Managerial Finance (3 cr. hrs)
  • OM3663 – Organizational Communication (3 cr. hrs)
  • OM3623 – Human Resource Management (3 cr. hrs)
  • OM1033 – Basic Christian Thought (3 cr. hrs)
  • OM3343 – Strategic Planning (3 cr. hrs)
  • OM4013 – Worldview Perspectives (3 cr. hrs)
  • OM3333 – Personal Values & Organizational Ethics (3 cr. hrs)

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