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Crandall University’s Organizational Management programs focus on providing working professionals the classroom opportunity to complete a Bachelor’s degree or earn a Master’s degree while continuing to be fully employed. Students enrolled in these programs hold a wide range of life, educational, and employment experiences that are essential ingredients for producing a rich and engaging classroom learning environment.

Program highlights

These non-traditional programs are designed to serve working professionals in a format that allows them to continue to work full time while studying. Courses are typically held one night per week, and students take one to two courses at a time.

Classes are typically small and personal, allowing students to enhance their interpersonal skills as well as written and verbal communication, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities, all while expanding their understanding of research techniques and applications.

Courses are taught by professors who are highly qualified and experienced in their area of expertise. They are excellent educators who typically build strong relationships with their students.

Program options

Career outlook

Graduates of our Organizational Management programs are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to take on greater leadership roles within their organizations and advance in their careers. 

Other graduates have gone on to further studies, ultimately pursuing careers in education, business, law, and more.

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