Bachelor of Technical Education - Program Requirements

The Bachelor of Technical Education (BTEd) is a degree program that is intended to prepare individuals who have recognized technical skills and experience and provide them with twenty-first century teacher training competencies along with the opportunity to acquire teacher certification and recognition from the Province of New Brunswick.

Duration of Program:

It is possible to complete the Bachelor of Technical Education degree in 16 months if a student enters the program with the maximum possible credit hours from prior training and/or experience. The teacher preparation portion of this degree will consist of 63 credit hours, plus six (6) credit hours of Biblical or Christian Studies course work if not completed elsewhere. Eighteen (18) of the credit hours will be addressed through an 18-week internship in a formal school setting under the guidance and coaching of a host teacher and university supervisors from Crandall. Upon completion of this degree, the individual will be eligible to apply for at least a Certificate IV Teacher’s License from the NB Department of Education. (Applicants who have a previous degree and are eligible for this option could possibly receive a Certificate V Teacher’s License.)

Bachelor of Technical Education Degree Requirements

Prerequisite Requirement: A Red Seal in a trade such as mechanic, carpentry, electrical, culinary, or welding.

Foundations of Education (21 credit hours)

  • ED3213 – Theory and Practice: Secondary (3 cr. hrs.)
  • ED3223 – Theory and Practice: Elementary (3 cr. hrs.)
  • ED3313 – Instructional and Learning Processes: Elementary (3 cr. hrs.)
  • ED3323 – Instructional and Learning Processes: Secondary (3 cr. hrs.)
  • ED4023 – Educational Foundations (3 cr. hrs.)
  • ED4103 – Educational Psychology: Inclusionary Practices (3 cr. hrs.)
  • ED4413 – Diversity and Multiculturalism in Education (3 cr. hrs.)

Area Requirements (15 credit hours)

  • ED3113 – Literacy Education or ED4043 – Literacy Education for Adolescent learners (3 cr. hrs.)
  • ED3163 – Writing in Different Genres (3 cr. hrs.)
  • ED3203 – Math Education (3 cr. hrs.)
  • ED3303 – Science Education (3 cr. hrs.)
  • ED3413 – Social Studies Education (3 cr. hrs.)

Education Electives (9 credit hours)

  • Nine credit hours of Education electives are required.

Education Internship (18 credit hours)

  • ED5118 – Technical Education Internship

A minimum of 18 weeks, or equivalent, of supervised practicum teaching is required within a formal school setting.

Biblical or Religious Studies Electives (6 credit hours)

Biblical or Christian Studies electives are required of students in order to meet Crandall’s BA, BBA, or BSc equivalency requirements. Crandall graduates are exempt from this requirement as it has been met in their first degree.

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