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    Can I make an appointment to talk with a member of the Education Admissions Committee before filing my application?

    We are happy to speak to you by telephone (506-858-8970) or through e-mail, education.admissions@crandallu.ca, to answer questions you may have before submitting your application.

    What should I include in my rationale?

    You should describe in detail your experiences dealing with children, as well as your reasons for wanting to become a teacher. In this section you will need to provide information to the Committee that indicates those background experiences and factors that have led you to this place in your life and how teaching came into focus. Length should be no more than three pages.

    What kinds of reference letters are most helpful?

    Reference letters which state that the applicant is very qualified to pursue teaching and specify relevant skills and attributes observed by the author to warrant that conclusion are most helpful. Observations should be based on the author’s first-hand knowledge of the applicant. Reference letters that are authored by an individual possessing thorough knowledge and understanding of the skills and attributes required to be an effective teacher are often most valuable.

    What transcripts need to be submitted?

    Official copies of all post-secondary transcripts must be submitted and sent from the host institution directly to the Education Admissions Office. Faxed or downloaded versions will not be accepted. Crandall University students do not need to submit Crandall transcripts, as they are already on record.

    Do I need to submit a “Disclosure of Criminal Record Information (Criminal Record Check)” with my application?

    Yes. The Criminal Record Information must also include a vulnerable sector check. You will be able to obtain this through your local RCMP detachment or local police force.

    Do I need experience working with children?

    Yes. Experience working with children is required of all applicants. Experience in a public school setting is highly recommended, though we will also consider private school, summer camp, or other work with groups of children for this experience. Babysitting and tutoring are generally not strong indicators of work with children.

    What is the admissions process for the Bachelor of Education?

    The admissions process for the Bachelor of Education occurs in two phases. Phase 1 consists of an initial screening of all applicants. Phase 2 consists of an interview with the Education Admissions Committee. Telephone interviews may be arranged for those applicants who are overseas during the interview period.
    See also Admission Requirements and Application Procedures for the Bachelor of Education.

    How will I be notified to schedule an interview?

    Applicants who pass the initial screening and move on to the interview phase will be contacted by e-mail or letter. We recommend contacting us to schedule an appointment as soon as you receive notice to have the greatest flexibility in available times.

    What should I wear to the interview?

    You are being interviewed for a pre-professional program. Dress accordingly. Please do not wear perfumes or other scented products.

    Am I able to defer my admission?

    In exceptional circumstances, admission may be deferred for one academic year.

    Is there a waiting list?

    Yes. The waiting list is comprised of applicants who were interviewed but were not accepted due to enrollment caps. Applicants placed on the waiting list will be notified of their acceptance as seats become available. The waiting list remains active until August 15th.

    Does Crandall University have any additional course requirements?

    Crandall’s Bachelor of Education program requires two (2) Religious Studies courses with Biblical content, unless you have relevant credits from previous programs of study. These courses are completed concurrently with other Education program requirements.

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