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Are you ready to be “someone”?

According to a 2021 Barna study of Canadian youth and young adults, only 31% said they have someone who believes in them. Less than 1 in 3.

Yet, as we talk to students who grow in their faith and thrive in life, there is a constant: someone was there for them. Maybe it was a pastor, a teacher, a hockey coach, or a neighbor; but there was always someone. Crandall University’s Youth Leadership Certificate (YLC) exists to equip the next generations of “someones” to be mobilized to serve children, youth, and young adults.

This certificate program is an innovative experience designed to provide undergraduate students who have an interest in ministry to students and emerging leaders with solid instruction, hands-on involvement, and a proven mentoring journey.

The YLC program is intended to prepare interns for service to youth through church or community ministries in volunteer or vocational roles. Not only will certificate participants be prepared to excel in a capacity that every student and every church needs but be well skilled for professional fields such as teaching, social work, communications, psychology, leadership, and vocational ministry.

Program Description

This three-year program is designed for concurrent study with any four-year baccalaureate degree at Crandall University. Through its mix of academic and practical courses, the program seeks to produce informed and experienced youth leaders who have a passion for working with youth.

Students will participate in a three-year internship journey under the supervision of a qualified mentor where they will gain hands-on experience in a variety of leadership capacities. While every student is uniquely gifted and wired for service, all internship participants will experience a variety of opportunities in a supervised environment to encourage growth, resiliency, and the development of a diversity of skills.

Development like no other

During the Youth Leadership Certificate, interns will take in world class youth ministry training through:

  • innovative partnerships such as the Canadian Youth Workers Conference;
  • exposure to local ministries doing transformation work;
  • service opportunities through the ONE conference;
  • exclusive mentoring retreats;
  • priority placement in local & international mission tours;
  • and so much more – all with the intention of raising the capacity in the next generation of leaders for kingdom service.

Applying for the Youth Leadership Certificate

Students interested in applying to this program normally submit their applications in February of their first year. Admission decisions will be made by the Youth Leadership Certificate Admissions Committee. Admission to the program is based on demonstrated academic ability, leadership experience and promise, and Christian character. Further details about the program and the application procedure are available from the Youth Leadership Certificate Director, Tim Carruthers.

About the director

Tim Carruthers, MDiv

With almost 20 years of youth and student ministry experience, Rev. Tim Carruthers is the Youth Leadership Certificate Director for Crandall University.

The Church in Canada and beyond is crying out for the next generation of leaders to answer the call and step up to service. I am who I am today because of the formative experience that the Youth Leadership Certificate was in my life. Over 20 years ago, I applied for a program that took me down a leadership and discipleship journey that changed everything for me. The unique blend of high academic standards, experiential learning, discipleship, and real life mentoring is exactly what the next generation needs.

Tim and his family have recently relocated to the Moncton area to join the Crandall Student Life & Transformation team. Prior to this, Tim served in local church ministry, camping ministry, and a variety of other leadership positions. He’s passionate about raising the next generation of disciple making leaders for service to the church.

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