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We are looking for students who care about the world around them and want to make it a better place, particularly for the poor and marginalized. That is why we offer a social justice focus as part of our sociology major here at Crandall University. Come work with professors who are concerned about the problems in society and who will think with you about creative solutions to those problems. If you want to make a difference, we think you need to understand society in order to help improve it.

That’s why you should study sociology.

Learning more about the dynamics of human relationships helps you form better relationships. Understanding society’s major institutions (like education, marriage, or religion) helps you understand how you can best transform them. Understanding globalization, patterns of immigration, and relationships between rich and poor countries, empowers you to work towards world justice. With courses in poverty, world population, marriage and the family, gender, religion, and many others, we explore the diversity of our social world.

And, it is not only classroom work that creates difference makers. We invite you to be involved in our community and beyond. You can volunteer with a local organization, or go overseas on a missions/development trip as part of our internship programs. Join the Sociology Society and participate in a food drive or other service opportunities. People are hurting in this broken world. Since we care about people, we are looking for difference makers.

Program highlights

Develop strong relationships with professors who seek to empower students to connect with their communities and make a difference for the good.

Undertake an internship during your degree in Sociology – work in community organizations such as youth centers, mental health homes, homeless shelters or even arrange for an overseas internship experience.

Join the Sociology Society that arranges fun group activities as well as providing service to food banks, missions, and groups like Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Learn to think and live in new ways that are sensitive to our increasingly culturally and socially diverse world.

By focusing on courses like Perspective on Poverty, Population and World Hunger, and Globalization and Current Social Issues, you can add a “social justice concentration” to your sociology degree.

Career outlook

A degree in Sociology is an excellent liberal arts foundation that prepares you well for any number of career directions and graduate studies. Past graduates have gone on to careers in education, ministry, social services, corrections and international relations.

Faculty highlight

Sam Reimer, PhD

Dr. Sam Reimer grew up in Japan where he first became interested in Sociology. He holds a PhD from the renowned University of Notre Dame in Indiana. He has researched extensively on the sociology of religion and Canada/US comparisons.

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