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Are you wanting to read the Bible in a deeper and clearer way? Are you curious about world religions or philosophies that have shaped human history?

With Crandall University’s Religious Studies programs, you’ll learn how to understand Christianity within a global religious context using a variety of scholarly disciplines. We focus on Christianity but connect with the world’s religions using a wide range of academic approaches.

There are two majors available in the department of Religious Studies: Biblical Studies and Religious Studies.

In Biblical Studies, you’ll see the Christian Bible in its context, develop a grasp of the languages in which it was written, dig deeply into the history that shaped its writing, and learn how properly to apply the Bible to current issues.

In Religious Studies, you’ll look at a variety of religions and philosophies, learn how they connect to and interact with Christianity, and gain a better understanding of religion’s influence on culture.

In sum, Religious Studies programs provide students with a fresh, deep, and considered appreciation for the Christian faith in the context of the world’s religious options.

Program highlights

You’ll have the opportunity to dig into the context and content of the Bible, the Christian faith, and other religions as well in conversation with renowned scholars and teachers who bring a wide range of personal and professional experience to the classroom. Here is a place in which you can ask your hardest questions about the biggest issues of life and get reliable, insightful answers.

Career-building skills

Religious studies students, like other humanities and social science graduates, are trained to interpret texts, rituals, art, and communities with rigor and sensitivity. Students are equipped for study and work in pastoral ministry, yes, but also for careers in education, government work, Law, international relations, diplomacy, social service, library science, and much more.

Faculty highlight

Keith Bodner, PhD

Dr. Bodner is the author of several dozen refereed journal articles and book chapters, and dozens more conference papers and reviews. He has authored more than a dozen monographs on various texts of the Old Testament, and is one of only two members of the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies to twice receive its annual R. B. Y. Scott Book Award (2009 and 2013).

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