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Gain Understanding of Human Development and Behavior

Are you interested in exploring the why behind people’s actions? Are you intrigued by the workings of the human mind? If so, the study of Psychology may be an ideal major for you.

When you study Psychology at Crandall, you join in our quest for knowledge about individual development and behaviour in a social context. You will learn to evaluate research and grow in your understanding of psychological theories. Through your coursework, you will think critically and gain insights into yourself as well as others.

By the time you graduate with a degree in psychology, you will be well prepared to work in service and counseling organizations and to pursue advanced studies in psychology or a related field.

Program highlights

Explore such interesting academic areas as early childhood development, developmental disabilities, forensic psychology, criminology, behaviour disorders and communication disorders.

Assist psychology professors with their research projects to gain valuable first-hand experience.

Learn from interesting classroom guests.

Get lots of support and mentoring throughout your degree in psychology from your professors in our small class environment.

Join the Psychology Society, a campus service organization composed of psychology majors.

Career outlook

A degree in psychology from Crandall University prepares you to work in certain public service situations such as youth group home worker, and similar entry-level positions. Other positions, like clinical psychologist or counsellor, require further professional or graduate studies. Past Crandall psychology graduates have been accepted into programs like the Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology program at the Université de Moncton, Law at UNB, and Master of Science in Occupational Therapy at University of Western Ontario. They now work in mental health care, behavioral therapy, law enforcement, employment counseling, family counseling and residential treatment centers.

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