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The years spent studying toward your undergraduate degree are said to be among the most exciting of your life; but who says they can’t be even better?

What if you could spend one semester as an associate student at Oxford University? What if during your stay you lived with a friendly British family in a small, safe, and very picturesque town just a few train stops from Oxford?

What if your classes were taught by local experts in their fields, and what if those same classes sometimes left the classroom to study on-site at museums, theatres, gardens, the U.K. Parliament, and other related sites? What if you could do your class research in one of the world’s greatest libraries?

And for good measure, let’s give you an official certificate from “Crandall University, in association with Regent’s Park College of Oxford University,” to commemorate your experience (a great conversation starter for job and grad school interviews, we’ve been told).

And where are you spending spring break? Our students have gone to Italy, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Egypt, and Morrocco — just to name a few places. It’s all much more reasonable when you’re already nearby.

Crandall University’s Oxford Study Programme is designed to be an unforgettable educational experience. We want our students to go beyond the comforts of home and learn a little more about their world, to study with opportunities not normally available to them, and to grow in ways that just wouldn’t happen without an experience like this.

If you think you’d like to be part of Crandall’s Oxford experience, browse through the information below and contact us for further details. We’re always happy to hear from you.

What students are saying

“You have to be here to believe how good it really is!”

“I learned more in three months than I ever thought possible–and loved it!”

“Enlarging and rewarding–in and out of the classroom.”

“Oxford was a dream come true, and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat!”

Oxford Study Programme FAQ

Why should I go?

When you enrolled in university, you made a choice to invest in your future. Crandall’s Oxford Study Programme gives you the opportunity to build on that investment. Your experience in Oxford not only sounds impressive but helps you prepare to engage the world you live in. Such opportunities shouldn’t be missed.

I really want to go, but the cost seems high. Is it worth it?

If you search the web for similar programmes, you’ll find that Crandall’s Oxford Study Programme offers exceptional value; similar programs run by other universities cost about 50% more. Our costs are kept lower because of the kindness of our many friends in England, and the hard work of our administrators who always seek out the best deals for the programme.

Students who have participated in the programme in the past seem to be unanimous: it is definitely worth it. Many describe it as the “best semester of my degree” or “the experience of a lifetime.” Many go back to visit in later years.

Will I feel at home in England?

We are confident that this will be the case, depending somewhat on how much you have travelled before. You will almost certainly experience some surprises at first, then grow to like life in England.

Remember, you will live with a host family in a very welcoming and safe town, with plays, social events, and historic visits available to you at no extra cost. You will be with other students selected for their ability, compatibility, maturity, and responsible lifestyle, and you will make new friends among Canadians, Oxford students, and Charlbury residents. When the programme ends, you probably won’t want to leave.

Who teaches the classes?

The majority of classes are taught by professors in and around Oxford. Some are current Oxford professors; others are part-time instructors wrapping up their doctoral studies. Still others are retired professors who enjoy stepping into the classroom once again to share decades worth of knowledge and experience.

Can I study in Oxford as a substitute for part of my degree at another university?

Crandall’s Oxford Study Programme is designed to make this possible. In most cases, you can use these courses as fully accredited electives within your degree. Upon request, we will send course outlines of what you study to your home university for normal transfer credit.

Do I have visa and immigration clearance?

Canadian university students participating in the Oxford Study Programme normally do not need a visa of any kind. With the letter of acceptance and introduction we will give you, you should have no difficulty with immigration officers when you enter Britain, even if you are not travelling with the main group of students.

What is our student status while on Crandall’s Oxford Study Programme?

Participating students are registered as students of Crandall University and as “associate students” of Regent’s Park College, Oxford University. Associate student status grants access to public lectures at Oxford University, University lectures, open seminars and presentations, and the Bodleian Library. Please note, however, that programme courses are not Oxford courses; they are Canadian courses delivered with certain British/Oxford advantages.

I’m sold, but I’m not sure I can afford it. What are my options?

It may take a little sacrifice on your part, but if you’re determined to find a way, there are options available, and sometimes money comes from surprising sources; it may take a little perseverance, though. The usual options are as follows:

  • Student loan: a form is available to help you apply for a larger-than-normal amount because of the extra costs associated with the programme.
  • Government bursary: depending on your home province, your student loan may be accompanied by a bursary (i.e. a portion that doesn’t have to be paid back) that helps offset the higher costs.
  • Bank lines of credit: these allow you to borrow the money as you need it, up to a pre-determined limit, with very reasonable interest rates. (Shop around for the best rates.)
  • Church, association, and community funds, scholarships, and fundraisers: these take a little detective work to find but are more common than most people believe. Start with local groups to which you or your family members belong.
  • Programme related funding: We will notify applicants whenever scholarships or bursaries become available.

Oxford Study Programme: Courses

Imagine studying Shakespearean drama and then seeing it performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company; or imagine yourself standing in the Globe Theatre, or in Castles or Abbeys related to Shakespeare’s plays, or in the town of Stratford, amid the Renaissance homes and artefacts…

Imagine yourself studying the history of drama, from ancient to contemporary, considering not only the philosophical ideas of the plays but also aspects of stage and performance, and then tying it all together with “drama week” — a full week dedicated to rehearsal and culminating in a performance for the local townsfolk…

Our courses are designed to help students from Canadian university programs make the most of the opportunities available in England. Each year we seek to provide an interesting mix of educational experiences to come up with a programme that we believe is wonderful and unique, and perhaps uniquely wonderful.

Course Descriptions:

English 3033/3043, Shakespeare at Oxford I & II

These courses will consider Shakespeare’s plays within the context of the cultural resurgence in Renaissance England, exploring the complex web of ideas regarding the individual, society, power, God, nature, truth, language, and dramatic art, while also considering various issues related to staging Shakespeare’s plays. To further enhance their learning, students will attend productions by theatre companies in Oxford, Stratford, and London; research relevant topics in world-class libraries, including the Bodleian; attend on-site classes at Stratford, London (including the Globe Theatre), and other locations relevant to Shakespeare’s life and work; and rehearse and perform selected scenes from Shakespeare’s plays.

English 3213/3223, History of Drama I & II

These courses explore the development of western drama as both performance art and cultural commentary, from the influence of classical and medieval drama to the high art of Renaissance drama, and then from the influence of eighteenth-century and nineteenth-century drama to the rich variety of drama in the twentieth century. To further enhance their learning, students will attend productions by professional theatre companies; have access to world-class libraries, including the Bodleian; attend on-site classes at locations relevant to the works they study; and stage a live performance for the citizens of Charlbury.

Oxford Application

The Oxford Study Programme is open to socially mature students of any major who have completed a minimum of two years of university study with an average of “B-” or higher overall or in the most recent year of study. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the acceptance committee if there are special circumstances that warrant such action; however, in such a case, the applicant must present a reasonable argument and receive the approval of the relevant department chair, dean, or academic vice president. Crandall University reserves the right to accept or reject any applicant based on the information given and available space in the programme. Successful applicants are notified in early summer and are required to pay a non-refundable deposit to confirm acceptance of the offer.

How to Apply

  1. Meet with your faculty advisor to see how this programme might fit into your degree requirements.
  2. Complete and submit the online application below.
  3. Pay your application fee of $35.00.
    •  Students at Crandall University, Redeemer University, The King’s University, St. Stephen’s University, or Tyndale University: pay at your university’s finance office.
    •  Students at any other university: mail the application fee (payable to Crandall University) to Oxford Study Programme, Crandall University, Box 6004, Moncton, NB E1C 9L7.
  4. If you are a student at any university other than Crandall, Redeemer, King’s, St. Stephen’s, or Tyndale, arrange for an official copy of your transcript to be sent to the address above.
  5. If you are a student at any university other than Crandall, Redeemer, King’s, St. Stephen’s, or Tyndale, ask your registrar for a “letter of permission” stating an agreement to accept your course credits from the Oxford Study Programme (we can supply your school with course details and further information if requested) and send us a copy of it.

Application Form

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