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Kinesiology Program Requirements

Human Kinesiology courses at Crandall University provide students with a solid foundation of understanding about the intersection of physical activity, health, and performance. This discipline serves students who are interested in athletic performance and coaching and/or pursuing a career in a health profession with relationships either to restorative or to preventative health care.

Minor (BA, BBA, BSc)

Minor in Human Kinesiology is 24 credit hours earned as follows:

Required Courses (18 credit hours)

  • 3 from BI1013
  • 3 from BI2703
  • 3 from HK2003
  • 3 from HK2513
  • 3 from HK3603
  • 3 from HK/PS3803

Elective Courses (6 credit hours)

  • 6 from BI2413, BI3703, NT2003, PS3203, PS3323, PS3343, PS3873

Activity Courses (A maximum of three credit hours of activity courses can be taken to fulfill electives.) HK1001, HK1011, HK1021, HK1101, HK1111, HK1121, HK1201, HK1211, HK1221, HK1301, HK1311, HK1321, HK1401, HK1411, HK1421, HK1501, HK1511, HK1521

Major (BA)

*Launching Fall 2021 – more details coming soon*

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