Interdisciplinary Studies - Courses

Interdisciplinary Studies Courses

ID1000 Introduction to University

Credit hours: 0

This is a noncredit, required course for all first-time students at Crandall University in traditional undergraduate programs. It is designed to introduce students to the distinctives of university life including study habits and research skill protocols. (Transfer students with at least 15 credit hours completed need not enroll.)

ID1203 Seminar in Experiential Discipleship

Credit hours: 3

This seminar will relate material presented in individual ClayStone courses to the experiences of the program’s co-curricular activities, ultimately developing a more comprehensive appreciation for a Christian worldview.

Prerequisite: Enrollment in Claystone Program

ID2873 Introduction of Global Missions

Credit hours: 3

This course will explore global missions and will serve as an introduction for students who may be considering cross-cultural mission experiences. It will introduce the theology of missions and provide an overview of the history of global missions from 1850 to today. It will examine contemporary issues facing the mission movement including the following: the AIDS epidemic, the indigenous church and contextualization of the gospel, and how these issues affect the strategies used in modern missions.

Crosslisting: RS2873

ID3753 Leadership

Credit hours: 3

This course explores classic and contemporary issues in leadership theory and practice. Topics covered include leadership behaviours and substitutes, the role of the follower in the leadership process, and transformational leadership.

Crosslisting: BU3753
Prerequisites: Youth Leadership Certificate students with Upper Level Standing and other Upper Level Standing students upon permission of the Registrar.

ID4763 Ethical Reasoning

Credit hours: 3

This course introduces students to the principles of Christian decision-making. It furnishes students with a comprehensive and integrated understanding of the basic epistemology and values of Christian ethics and then offers illustrations and exercises in applying these principles to key zones of adult life.

Prerequisites: RS1003, RS1403 with a minimum of 84 credit hours completed Corequisite: RS2003 or RS2033

ID4773 Church Management

Credit hours: 3

This course explore the fundamentals of church administration, working from an historical context to an examination of contemporary governance structures, with particular attention to advancing a biblical perspective of Christian management, mission, vision, goals and objectives, strategic planning, policy development, budgeting, structure, management of staff and volunteer resources, and the measurement of church effectiveness.

Crosslisting: BU4773
Prerequisites: Twelve credit hours in Business Administration, or 12 credit hours in Religious Studies, or Permission of the Professor.

ID4863 Cross-Cultural Internship

Credit hours: 3

This internship involves intensive interaction with another cultural/ethnic group, normally overseas. It requires significant interaction with people from a different culture or subcultures. It also requires keeping thorough field notes, writing a literature review, writing a major paper, and a satisfactory completion of the requirements of the sponsoring group, as determined through consultation between the professor and the field supervisor. Students can apply to go with a non-profit mission or relief organization, with a government agency, or with a for-profit company, usually in the summer.

Crosslisting: SO4863
Prerequisites: SO2133 and any two of SO2143, ID/RS2873, CO/LI2023

ID4903 Senior Seminar

Credit hours: 3

This reading and research course is a culminating experience for the senior student. It is designed to have the student integrate knowledge and skills from at least three disciplines and apply that learning to a major research project.

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