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Develop a Cross-sectional Knowledge of All Liberal Arts Disciplines

Are you unsure about your future career plans? If so, Interdisciplinary Studies may be your ideal major. This liberal arts program allows you to explore the full range of academic disciplines instead of being singularly focused in one area.

Interdisciplinary Studies is a true liberal arts degree in that it celebrates breadth and exposure to a wide variety of study areas. When you pursue this option, you may complete the equivalent of several disciplinary minors. You will also complete and independent study course during your final year of your degree.

Equipped with knowledge gained while earning this widely focused degree, you will be prepared to pursue advanced education or enter the workforce in business or other fields requiring a liberal arts education.

Program highlights

Explore a broad range of liberal arts courses before committing to any one career direction.

Participate in classes that average a student to professor ratio that allows you to get to know your professors well. Get to know students from several academic majors, not just those who are focused in a specific field of study.

Enjoy working on-on-one with a faculty member as you complete an independent research project.

Career outlook

Students who hold a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies have a wide variety of career options. Many go on to complete advanced degrees in education, seminary, law school or graduate school. Crandall graduates with this liberal arts degree have gone into finance, business management, public relations, marketing and politics.

Faculty highlight

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