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Explore Civilization’s Rich Past with a History Degree from Crandall

Learning to ask the right questions, to think logically and express yourself clearly and succinctly are all hallmarks of Crandall’s history degree program. The major encompasses the study of Western civilization and focuses on the rise of the West within the world context. Through interesting guest speakers, lively class discussions and extensive readings, you’ll expand your understanding of humankind and your faith as it relates to other religions and world events, both historical and current.

Program highlights

It’s about more than memorizing dates with Crandall’s history programs! Explore the “why” and “how” behind historic events to give them context on the world stage. Study history overseas at Oxford University for a semester, if you wish, exploring the settings of many events they study in their classes.

Get to know your professors and classmates by being a part of small classes that engage in lively group discussions. Explore different worldviews and learn to appreciate Christianity in new ways.

Learn from interesting guest speakers who visit classes from time to time, sharing their unique perspectives on world events.

Complete an internship for credit if you wish. Past students have worked in such locations as area museums and archives.

Join the History Society, which offers fun opportunities to socialize with other History majors at barbecues, field trips and other gatherings.

Career outlook

The skills gained through this challenging curriculum will prepare you well for a broad range of career pathways, including graduate or law school. A history degree provides an excellent background for students who wish to become teachers, researchers, lawyers, politicians, journalists, ministers and heritage preservationists.

Faculty highlight

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