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A life-transforming experience for the heart, mind, and body

Adventure – Mission – Learning – Discipleship

ClayStone is a different type of educational experience. Combining outdoor adventure, cross-cultural mission experiences, and university courses into one program with an atmosphere of community and discipleship, ClayStone is a year like no other.

In partnership with Camp Shiktehawk, ClayStone offers students a year of experiential education while they complete 30 university credits. Each student will have the opportunity to experience outdoor adventure, close community, and mission experiences in Canada and the Dominican Republic.*

Why take a gap year when you can do a full year of university while studying discipleship and doing crazy outdoor adventures surrounded by amazing people? Sounds like a win to me – and it was! ClayStone was exactly what I needed.


ClayStone 2021-2022

Dive in…to a whole new educational experience

Students are able to participate in ClayStone in one of two ways: take the certificate program as a standalone year of discipleship or as one year of an undergraduate degree program. This means that both new and current students can be a part of the ClayStone experience, so be sure to contact us to discuss your options!

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The Purpose

The purpose of ClayStone is to provide students with a series of opportunities designed to facilitate life-transformation: heart, mind and body. The ultimate objective is that students will achieve a more complete understanding of the person of Jesus, their relationship with Him and their obligations as His disciple.

ClayStone embraces an experiential model of education that allows students to be immediately and practically exposed to theoretical concepts studied in textbooks. In addition, ClayStone pays particular attention to the idea of “community” with a belief that the greatest measures of transformation are experienced while living in healthy relationships with other people.

I think it permanently shaped a significant part of myself and my life for the better... The experience was priceless and I couldn't have chosen a better first-year experience.


ClayStone 2021-2022

The Program


Crandall University, Moncton, NB

Crandall University will be ‘home’ for ClayStone students while in the program. It is here where students will gather in community, participate in courses, and prepare for mission and outdoor adventure experiences.

Camp Shiktehawk, Florenceville/Bristol, NB

The team at Camp Shiktehawk provide leadership to the outdoor components of ClayStone, and the Camp will be our base of operations for most winter outdoor activities.

Sosua, Dominican Republic*

At the end of the winter semester, students will travel to the Dominican Republic for a 2-week cross-cultural learning and mission experience, providing students with exposure to a culture that is significantly different from their own. Working with two groups of churches in Sosua, students will become involved in the life of that community as fellow disciples and attempt to live and experience the grace of Jesus.

The physical experience of ClayStone was definitely fun, but the spiritual experience was more valuable as it helped me build a solid foundation in my faith.

Josh Jay

ClayStone 2019-2020

While the ClayStone Certificate provides students with university credit and exposes them to a variety of unique learning contexts, the overarching outcome is related to discipleship growth, as students enrolled in ClayStone have opportunities to experience significant life transformation.

ClayStone Courses

Courses for ClayStone 2020 – TOTAL 30 CREDIT HOURS

  1. Themes of the Bible (RS1003)
  2. Theology and Practice of Missional Living (RS2423)
  3. Introduction to Spanish I (SP1013)
  4. The Christian Way (RS1403)
  5. Spiritual Disciplines of Christianity (RS2403)
  6. Mission Praxis (RS2406 – 6 credit hours)
  7. Canoeing (HK1601 – 1 credit hour)
  8. Rock and Ice Climbing (HK1801 – 1 credit hour)
  9. Hiking and Wilderness Survival (HKTBA – 1 credit hour)
  10. Two electives

Outdoor Adventure

  1. Canoeing* (flat-water and white-water)
  2. Hiking (Fundy Footpath, mountains, trails)
  3. Rock and ice climbing, rappelling
  4. Winter camping, snowshoeing
  5. Cross country skiing
  6. Optional surfing lesson during Dominican Republic Trip ($)

*certification available for successful completion

Having a group of believers to experience my first year of university life with was of immeasurable value to me.


ClayStone 2021-2022

Program Costs

The ClayStone program fee is added to regular tuition and accommodation costs (we recommend living on campus, but it is not required) and includes all domestic travel, as well as meals and accommodations while on excursions.

There is additional cost for the Dominican Republic Mission Experience,* the amount of which is supported through fundraising by the students.

ClayStone students are also eligible for all of Crandall’s generous scholarships, awards, and bursaries.


Contact us for details


ClayStone Leadership

Dale and Twila Stairs

The Directors of ClayStone are Dale and Twila Stairs. They have been discipling youth and young adults for over 25 years and are absolutely thrilled to serve in this adventure together! With experience in church and denominational youth and young adult ministry, teaching and university and raising three sons together, they are well prepared for this role.  In addition to directing ClayStone, Dale is also the Director of the Crandall-Acadia Bachelor of Theology Partnership.

Camp Shiktehawk Director, Jon MacDonald, is very much part of the team as well.  He takes leadership on the outdoor adventure components of ClayStone, and brings a fun and adventurous spirit into everything that happens!

For more information please contact us at (506) 858-8970. Select #1 for Admissions, or contact the Director directly at claystone@crandallu.ca.

I found ClayStone to be very valuable to me because it gave me an experience of a lifetime that I will never forget: the journey, the friends I made, how strong I became.

Natalie Ryan

ClayStone 2019-2020

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*Availability of the Dominican Republic Mission Experience is based on recommendations and/or restrictions on international travel approaching the planned time of departure.

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