Orientation FAQ

Orientation FAQ

What time do I arrive?

Move in day for students living on campus is September 2nd.

Mitton Court students can make an appointment with Crystal Knowles at Ext. 141 for a move-in time & date. Colburne House students can move in on September 2nd between 9:00am and 4:00pm.

Please visit Finance & IT in Stultz Hall before proceeding to Colburne House!

New undergraduate student orientation begins on September 3rd at 9:30am (Stultz Hall, Room 177). Returning students should arrive on September 3rd at 1:00pm for a brief info session and to meet with Finance, IT, and Registrar (Stultz Hall, Room 177). New B.Ed student orientation begins on September 3rd at 2:00pm (Stultz Hall, Room 177). Education students are recommended to arrive by 1:00pm to meet with Finance and IT Services (Stultz Hall Room 127).

When is my first class?

On Orientation Day, you will get your class schedule, which will tell you when and where your first class will be. If you need help, contact the Registrar’s Office at 858-8970 ext. 302 or registrar@crandallu.ca.

How do I get to Crandall?

We are located at 333 Gorge Road in Moncton, just off the Trans Canada Highway.

Will I have help moving into Colburne House?

There will be many people who can assist with the moving process on Colburne House move-in day! We will have university staff, student Residence Assistants, and upper-level student volunteers to direct traffic, carry heavy items, and push carts.

When and where can I eat?

The first meal for Colburne House will be supper on Move-in day. There are a number of restaurants nearby including:

  • Swiss Chalet
  • Pita Pit
  • Subway
  • Sports Rock
  • Jeans Diner
  • And more!

When is quiet hour and curfew on campus?

Quiet hour is 11:00 PM in both Mitton Court and Colburne House. Beyond that, Colburne House students have a 1:00 AM curfew on weeknights and a 2:00 AM curfew on weekends.

How can I pay for tuition & fees?

If you are making a partial or full payment, you can write a cheque, use a debit card, use online banking, or pay with cash. Please note if you want to use debit, you may want to contact your bank to temporarily raise the limit for your debit card.

When do I pay for tuition and fees?

You can make a payment any time before you arrive for the fall semester. (Recommended if you want to save some time!). If you live in Colburne House, you must be prepared to make a payment or sign for Student Loans on Move-in day (required for move-in to be allowed). The Finance Department will also be open on Orientation Day for all other students to make their payments.

Can I print at School?

Yes! When you arrive, you’ll get a username and password to access your new email account and to log into our computers. You’ll also be set up with an account for print credits. You’ll have to pre-load credits before printing, but our staff can help you do that! Cost is $0.10/sheet.

Do I need to have my textbooks right away?

No, our bookstore will have what you need, but don’t feel like you must have every book on the first day of class.

What should I bring when I arrive for move-in and orientation day?

Come prepared to meet with our Financial Officeto make your payment in full or to make payment arrangements. If you have documents for Student Loans, bring them! If you are using your debit card to make a payment, contact your bank ahead of time to see if they will allow you to use it for a big payment.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

You can contact Admissions at admissions@crandallu.caor by calling 1-888-968-6228 or (506) 858-8970.

If you have housing questions, please email crystal.knowles@crandallu.ca.

If you have course questions, please email registrar@crandallu.ca.

If you have finance questions, please email dawn.welner@crandallu.ca.