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Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Housing

    Living off campus

    While we love to have as many students as possible on campus, most Crandall students choose to live off-campus. If this is your choice, below you will find helpful information that you need to know as you search for accommodations during your studies at Crandall. You will also find links that should be helpful as you search for just the right apartment, room or house to rent.

    Helpful information for finding accommodations

    Please note that Crandall does not arrange for student accommodations. Students are responsible for applying for their own housing, whether that be on campus or off campus.

    First time renting in New Brunswick?

    If you are new to the process of renting in the area, the Government of New Brunswick provides helpful information for first-time renters, including information on applications, leases, security deposits, documentation, and more.

    First-Time Renter Info (gnb.ca)

    Make a plan

    If you’re thinking of living off campus, make a plan for where you would like to live and when you will arrive. Begin your search early so you will have a place to stay at the right time for you.

    Consider the following as you make your plans:

    • Location. Where you live in relation to campus and other amenities can impact your experience. We recommend looking for housing near bus routes (see codiactranspo.ca for more on public transit in Moncton)
    • Move-in dates. Most rental agreements begin on the first day of the month, and this is normally the earliest tenants can move in. It helps to plan your travel with this date in mind, or to arrange for temporary accommodations if necessary.

    Consider your budget

    When renting a living space, it is important to consider all of the costs associated with it; your monthly rent is only one part of the expense. Other expenses that may need to be part of your budget could include:

    • Utilities. Electricity, heating, phone, internet, etc. are rarely included in apartment or house rentals and should be considered in your budget.
    • Furniture. Most apartments are unfurnished, so be sure to ask your landlord what furniture and/or appliances are included in the apartment.

    Estimated rental prices

    • Apartment Rental Prices
      • 1 bedroom: approximately $1,000-1,500 per month (utilities not included)
      • 2 bedroom: approximately $1,200-2,000 per month (utilities not included)
      • 3 bedroom: approximately $1,500+ per month (utilities not included)
    • Room Rental Prices
      • Shared living areas will cost approximately $600-$900 per month (utilities are normally included but not always. It is important to always confirm with the landlord or housing manager.)
    • House Rental Prices
      • Costs depend on the size and number of bedrooms, but the average cost of a 2-3 bedroom house is approximately $1800-$3000 per month (utilities not included).

    Rental listings

    There are a variety of ways to find off-campus housing in the area. Below are some resources to help you find a space that is right for you.

    Landlords: advertise your student accommodations with Crandall.

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