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On-Campus Housing

On-Campus Housing

There is so much to gain from living on campus. The campus housing program at Crandall is a big part of what makes a student’s time here life-changing.

Living in residence is the best way to fully experience university life, to succeed academically, and to make lifelong friends. Experience quality on-campus living that provides safe and inviting housing options and also meets your need for both independence and support.

You have worked hard to get here. We can hardly wait to welcome you home.

Top 5 Reasons to Live on Campus

Live smart

Students who live on campus are more satisfied with their college experiences, earn higher grade point averages, and are more likely to graduate.

Live close

Living on campus means avoiding the hassle while enjoying the convenience of living near the library, cafeteria, gym, professors, computer labs, and all other campus facilities.

Live secure

Campus safety is priority at Crandall. Residence Life Team members are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure students feel safe in their home away from home. All Crandall buildings have controlled access and are video monitored.

Live hassle-free

Save money by making one payment that covers all costs: utilities, rent, furniture, and amenities.

Live with friends

On-campus students form friendships with people they otherwise would not have had the opportunity to know

There are two options for on-campus residence living:
Colburne House Residence & Mitton Court Apartments.

These residences are side by side and there is a small parking lot adjacent to the building.

Colburne House

Colburne House is a place of intentional community, the perfect spot to start your university experience. This a traditional residence for undergraduate students designed with four bedroom pods. A team of Resident Assistants are waiting to meet you and are available to support and encourage you through the year. Choose from double, single and super single room options, all with a meal plan.

Colburne House consists of three floors which are split into 6 wings (east and west).  Each wing consists of 4 pods.

What is a pod?  A pod is a group of rooms that extends off of the main hallway (see image for example).  Many traditional residence halls consist of what is called row housing, which has every room’s doorway off of the same main hall.  This can make for a noisy atmosphere.

With a pod layout, each pod typically contains four rooms (usually 2 double and 2 single or super single rooms) which open to their own private hallway.  This offers more privacy and a quieter atmosphere than traditional residence halls.  It also encourages students to get to know their immediate ‘podmates’ faster than in traditional settings, since you see them more often.

Room Options

Double Room – Consists of a room with two desks with a small bookcase, two bureaus and two beds with storage space underneath.  (approx. 15 ½’ x 11 ½’)

Single Room – Consists of a room with one desk with a small bookcase, bureau and bed with storage space underneath.  (approx. 9’ x 11 ½’)

Super Single Room – Similar size as a double room, but with no roommate.  There are a limited number of these rooms, so double rooms may be substituted for these depending on availability. (i.e. you would get a double room to yourself at the cost of a super single) (approx. 14’ x 11 ½’)

All buildings on campus are equipped with free wireless internet. Should you wish to purchase your own personal internet connection for your room in Colburne House, you may do so when you arrive on campus by contacting a local provider (Bell Aliant or Rogers). You will need to provide your Colburne House room number to activate your phone services (ie: 1E1C).  If you are ordering a land line phone or internet service, please note that you will need the code on the phone jack in your Colburne House room for billing purposes and to ensure that your service is properly hooked up. Once you have purchased your package, your provider will assign your telephone number.

Please note: local telephone service is NOT included in your residence fees and there are no telephones in the rooms. It is your choice to have a land line or a cell phone–or no phone at all.

Things to bring:

  • School supplies
  • Toiletries/ hygiene items
  • Basic clothing, semi formal, athletic wear
  • Outerwear for all seasons
  • Power bars (surge protected)/extension cords
  • Sticky tack (white 3M only) to hang posters
  • Clothes hangers
  • Photos
  • Towels and face cloths
  • Headache, cold medicine, vitamin C
  • Bedding and pillows in standard single size
  • Laundry basket/bag and detergent
  • Fan (desk or floor fan)
  • Mattress protector (twin)

Things you may want:

  • Large cushions
  • Posters, Message board (for door)
  • Reading lamp/standing lamp for extra light
  • Skates
  • Laptop
  • Printer
  • Foam topper for mattress (memory foam)
  • Stackable plastic bins
  • Rug or mat
  • Organizer book or large calendar
  • Food and a minifridge
  • Microwave and coffeemaker
  • Reference books and backpack
  • Plants
  • Bathrobe/ slippers/ shower sandals
  • Flashlight, camera and batteries
  • Ear plugs

Things to leave home:

  • Candles
  • Nails
  • Appliances with exposed/open burner (hotplate)
  • Pets (other than fish with proper tank)
  • Explosives, fireworks, ammunition, firearm weapons, air soft guns etc.
  • Valuables / large amounts of cash
  • Incense or any strongly scented items
  • Alcohol / Tobacco / Cannabis / Non-prescription drugs (Crandall University’s campus is alcohol, smoke, and drug free)

* Please note: Crandall University does not assume responsibility at any time for the private property of its students.

If you have questions about living in residence at Crandall University, please contact Crystal Knowles by phone at 858-8970 or by email at crystal.knowles@crandallu.ca

Mitton Court

Mitton Court is a spacious, fully furnished apartment style residence primarily for upper level students. There are two bedroom, three bedroom and four bedroom units to choose from. Housing Dons support the students and help create community.

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