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Welcome – Moncton Campus

Welcome – Moncton Campus

We’re so glad you’re here!

Now that you’ve arrived in Moncton to begin your studies at Crandall University, we’ve gathered a list of next steps and resources to help you get settled in.

Next Steps

1. Make your way to your accommodations and get settled

You may need to take a taxi from the airport

2. Check your Crandall email

Find the schedule for orientation and classes, and review your Crandall Guidebook

3. Find a transportation option that works for you

We suggest getting a bus pass

4. Look online to see what stores are nearby and open

Try pharmacies and department stores

5. Visit a store and get a SIM card

Pay as you go SIM cards are a great option





Check out a food delivery app to learn about the excellent places to eat in Moncton!



Taxi services


Need assistance?

24/7 assistance

Newcomer support

Visit Crandall University

The best way to see all that Crandall University has to offer is to come for a campus tour. We can also customize a campus tour to your specific interests.

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