Master of Organizational Management – International

Master of Organizational Management – International

The Master of Organizational Management (MOrgM) ­– International pathway is a 12-month, 30 credit-hour program offered to international students as an alternative to the MBA. It focuses more on working with, and through, people than on the technical aspects of business administration. The program is currently offered on a condensed one course per month basis to allow students a singular subject focus.

This program offers three enrollment opportunities through the academic year (September, January, and May).

Special Program Highlights:

  • This is a non-traditional program created to serve international students who hold an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree from any discipline (i.e. B.B.A., B.A., B.Sc., B.Ed, B.Th.).
  • Each course is delivered two nights per week for four weeks. Students take only one course at a time.
  • Classes are small and personal.
  • The program enhances students’ interpersonal skills, written and verbal communications and problem-solving and decision making abilities, as well as expanding their understanding or research techniques and applications.
  • Classes are taught by professors who are highly qualified and experienced in their area of expertise.
  • Professors are excellent educators who typically build strong relationships with students.
  • The delivery pattern of the program allows students the flexibility to find part time employment in Moncton, if desired (and permitted by their study visa).
  • Successful completion of the program makes one eligible to apply for the Government of Canada’s Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP).

Program Requirements

Required Courses (24 credit hours):

Course ID Course Name
OM6733 Organizational Behaviour
OM6713 Strategic Organizational Management
OM6013 Managing Organizations and Social Change
OM6313 Financial Management in Organizations
OM6103 Vision and Management
OM6743 Organizational Culture & Communication
OM6213 Leading Organizational Change
OM6223 Corporate Social Responsibility & Managerial Ethics

Electives (Any two of the following, 6 credit hours):

Course ID Course Name
OM6033 Non-Profit Issues and Management
OM6023 Managing Organizations Across Borders & Cultures
OM6003 Biblical Themes

International Program Administration

Tyler Steckly B.B.A.

International Admissions Counsellor, Housing Don

Dannie Brown D.B.A.

Dean of International Academic Programs

Contact Dannie

Erin Bateman, B.A.

Program Administrator - International Academic Programs

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Dieu Hack-Polay Ph.D. Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Business, International Academic Programs

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All International Students must obtain a study visa from the Government of Canada – Immigration and Citizenship in order to be eligible to study at Crandall University.

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