Certificate in Business

Certificate in Business

This certificate program allows students the opportunity to study business fundamentals for one year in Canada at a credited university. It is targeted toward students graduating from high school* or for students who have an undergraduate degree in an unrelated discipline.

The Certificate in Business (CiB) program is designed to equip international students with the entry level skills necessary for success in the North American business environment.

Graduates of this one-year program will be desirable to many multinational corporations, businesses involved in foreign trade, government and public institutions, and international relief and environmental organizations.

Some students may desire to further their business education at Crandall University after completing this one-year certificate. The CiB provides an excellent platform to accomplish this.

Courses you will take:

Fall Semester

Course Number Course Name
BU1013 Introduction to Business
BU1023 Business Math
BU3813 Marketing
EC1013 Introduction to Microeconomics
RS1003 Themes of the Bible
ID1000 Introduction to University

Winter Semester

Course Number Course Name
BU1043 Business Communications
BU2113 Introductory Accounting I
BU2223 Business Ethics
BU3713 Principles of Management
EC1023 Introduction to Macroeconomics
ID1520 Spiritual Development & Community Practicum II

International Program Administration

Tyler Steckly B.B.A.

International Admissions Counsellor, Housing Don

Dannie Brown D.B.A.

Dean of International Academic Programs

Contact Dannie

Erin Bateman, B.A.

Program Administrator - International Academic Programs

Contact Erin

Dieu Hack-Polay Ph.D. Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Business, International Academic Programs

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More Information

Learn more about international admissions at Crandall University

All International Students must obtain a study visa from the Government of Canada – Immigration and Citizenship in order to be eligible to study at Crandall University.

For more information or to apply, contact us at international@crandallu.ca

*Please note: international students must be 18 years of age to apply.