External Exam Proctoring

External Exam Proctoring

Thank you for contacting Crandall University to have an exam proctored. Crandall University’s Registrar’s Office staff members proctor exams for students from a variety of academic institutions, and we are pleased to welcome you to the campus. Here is some general information regarding external exam bookings at Crandall University.

Exam Dates

Normally, exams are run at Crandall University during the work week (Monday to Friday), and they begin either at 9:00AM or at 1:30PM. Sometimes host institutions require students to write during particular blocks of time, and this is accommodated as much as possible.

External Exam Contact

Jolene MacDonald, the Registrar’s Office Administrator, coordinates external exams at Crandall University. Her email address is jolene.macdonald@crandallu.ca.

Exam Location

Crandall University is located on Gorge Road in Moncton, NB. Driving directions can be found on Crandall University’s website.  Exams are normally written in Stultz Hall, suite 143. Stultz Hall is the building next to the main parking lot, which can be accessed by taking the second entrance upon reaching the campus.

Exam Fees

An exam fee of $40.00 is payable to Crandall University before the exam is written. Some institutions will pay the exam fee, and this information is typically communicated in the correspondence sent to Crandall University by the institution. Please see the Payment for Proctoring an External Examination form for payment details.

Online Exams

Online exams can usually be accommodated. Computers are available for students to write their online exams.

Rescheduling Exams

If you need to reschedule an exam, please provide notice at least 24 hours in advance. It is always advisable to connect with your host institution if you need to reschedule an exam.

Storm Closures

In the case of stormy weather, particularly during the winter months, please feel free to call the Crandall University information storm line (1-506-863-6440) to determine if the building is closed. In such cases please call the office the following business day to reschedule your exam. You may also need to contact your host institution.

Student Identification

Students are asked to come to the exam prepared to show their student identification card. When such identification is not available, another form of photo identification is usually sufficient as long as your host institution does not have more specific requirements.