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All the Info You Need on Your Tuition Fees, Accommodations and More

How much are my tuition fees this year?  What resources are available in the campus library?  Who will be my roommate?  It takes a lot of people and planning to support our Crandall University students. The services and resources explored in this section are available to enhance your education and help you get the most from your years on campus. Everything you find here will answer questions and put you in touch with the people who can assist you in working through the details of completing your education at Crandall – they can even help you apply for bursaries and scholarships to cover your tuition fees. We’re here to serve you in every way we can!

Tuition and Fees

Current Fee Schedule

Crandall University fees are kept as low as possible. This is due to gifts and donations from churches of the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches, alumni, and individuals and corporations who believe in the education programs of Crandall University.

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Tuition and fees are approved each year by the Board of Governors and are updated annually on July 1.

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Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RAs) are primarily responsible for creating and maintaining a healthy living-learning environment in the residence wherein students may develop to their fullest potential educationally, socially, culturally, and spiritually.  RAs encourage the development of the residence community and model leadership, maturity, and integrity.  Resident Assistants are hired during the spring for the upcoming academic year.  For more information, please contact the Student Life Director.

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