Alumni Success Stories

Alumni Success Stories

    We take pride in what our alumni are doing around the world – here are some of their stories!

    Sue Murray

    Bachelor of Arts (History & Sociology)
    Class of 2012

    Sue Murray“My Crandall experience was, I think, somewhat different than other students. In September 2008 – at the age of 58 – I enrolled in several courses, just to try it out. I did not have the opportunity to attend university when I was younger, and it had long been a dream of mine to obtain a degree, even though I had held several interesting and fulfilling jobs throughout my career.  I was working three days a week in 2008, but thought part-time might be something I could manage.  I fell in love with studying and in January 2009 became a full-time student, planning a B.A. with a double major in History and English, while still working. 

    “I felt welcome at Crandall from the beginning, and used to say that I was older than all the students and most of the faculty and staff.  One of the first things I learned was how everyone at Crandall lived their faith – simply, completely, every day.  I grew up Catholic and was used to a more formal liturgy and ritual, so it was a lovely experience to begin each class with a brief prayer – which could include a word of comfort to a student with a problem, or a prayer that God might help the soccer team achieve a win that afternoon.  In the years since I left Crandall, I have visited Hillside Baptist a number of times with my former and present French teacher-now-friend Carol Thorne, and I have enjoyed reconnecting with that sense of faith and family.

    “At Crandall, I was fortunate to have experienced some wonderful professors – and to have made some friends among the students whose lives I still keep up with all these years later.  Dr. Dan Goodwin was a favourite History prof – although I used to remind him that some of what we discussed wasn’t really history to me – I had been around for it.  And when I decided after about 18 months to switch from History/English to History/Sociology, I met Drs. Cathy Rogers, Sam Reimer and Gary LeBlanc who challenged me and taught me a great deal.  Religious Studies were new to me, but both Drs. Keith Bodner and Stephen Dempster brought the Bible to life.  An online Physical Geography course through Athabaska University led me to write two papers – one on forest fires and one on earthquake readiness – which I would otherwise likely never in my life have undertaken.  Such a great learning experience!

    “In January 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy and chemotherapy. I was determined that I would still keep up my studies, and graduate in 2012 with my classmates as planned.  The entire Crandall family was incredibly supportive – professors offered me more time to turn in papers, and fellow students stopped to inquire how I was doing. I will especially remember the kindness of Sam Reimer during this period – he called me every week just to check in and offer his prayers and support.  I have certainly come to believe that God meant for me to be at Crandall during that difficult time in my life.

    “I graduated in 2012 with my class, and was proud that I had achieved all A’s throughout my four years. Now in 2020, I am still working at a job I love – although only two days a week.  I look back on my time at Crandall with great affection and gratitude – for what I learned and especially for the people whose lives touched mine. I have made a bequest to Crandall in my will – I just turned 70 last week – and I would encourage other alumni who shared the Crandall experience to do the same.”

    Laura Kelly

    Bachelor of Arts (2012)
    Bachelor of Education (2012)

    Laura Kelly

    “My time at Atlantic Baptist University (Crandall University) seems like a lifetime ago, which is surprising because I was there for so long! I was supposed to graduate in 2008 with my Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees, but I got sick in my last semester. I’ll forever be grateful to Dr. Stacie Reck and Stewart West for their encouragement and understanding during those very difficult 3 years. Needless to say, I was beyond excited to finally walk across that stage in May 2012.

    “Since graduating, I’ve worked in different jobs, including working at Crandall University, all of which led me to where I am today. In November 2018, I moved to Tanzania, Africa to work as a missionary with Emmanuel International Canada. My role is to help the local church run a girls’ health project. Our project, ‘Nguvu na Hadhi’ (Swahili for ‘strength and dignity’), aims to help over 1,600 girls who might otherwise miss out on basic education when they reach puberty. 

    “There’s a significant gap in countries across Sub-Saharan Africa when it comes to menstruation. The importance of addressing this gap cannot be stressed enough: girls need to be educated and empowered to take care of their changing bodies. I’ll be honest, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the shame, taboo, and misinformation surrounding this topic, but we continue in faith because we believe this education will transform lives. 

    “While things in Tanzania are still quite calm, COVID-19 has affected our project. Yes, it’s disheartening and frustrating, but we’re using this unexpected time to re-evaluate, re-invent, and re-energize. As a team, we’re strategizing how to best support our community. Right now, we’re focusing on prevention (handwashing buckets, soap, masks, and posters) and education, but we understand our response will likely change as things become more serious.

    “Folks, I know it’s tempting to fall into the trap of worry and fear during this uncertain time, but let’s remember that nothing takes God by surprise. He works all things together for His glory and our good.”

    Raymond Short

    High School Diploma, Class of 1956
    Bible Course, 1957

    Raymond Short, Class of 1956, 1957

    Ray’s first memory of Crandall University (at the time, United Baptist Bible Training School), was in 1949, when he attended the official sod turning ceremony of the first building. Ray started his studies at UBBTS in 1953, coming from a much larger Moncton High School. Ray appreciated Crandall’s smaller and more personal environment which allowed him to develop fellowship and friendships with both teachers and students. Many of these friendships have remained strong throughout the years and continue to have a great influence on him. After graduating with his high school diploma in 1956, not knowing what to pursue next, Ray returned to Crandall for a year of Bible study.

    After his year in Biblical Studies Ray enrolled in the one year teaching program at the Teacher’s College in Fredericton. It was during this time that he met his wife Evelyn at Baptist Young People’s Union at George Street Baptist Church. They both returned to Moncton after graduating to begin their teaching careers, and they were married August 19, 1961. They have since been blessed with three wonderful children, Chris, Paul and Susan and three beautiful grandchildren, Brendan, Julia and Bryce.

    Ray spent 35 years teaching in the public schools, mostly in Junior High grades. For thirty of those years he was a principal or vice-principal of the school. Beginning in 1960, while still teaching, Ray took night courses and summer school classes for 13 years at Mount Allison University and University of Moncton, graduating with two education degrees. In 1988, four years before his retirement, he took training at Codiac Transit Moncton to be a city bus driver. Over the next four years he would drive a bus part time, and started full time in 1992 when he retired from teaching. He spent 15 years with Codiac before stepping away in 2007.  

    After Evelyn’s retirement from 20 years of church administration at The Journey Church, they have continued to be active in their church, and enjoy travelling, cheering on their grandkids during their sporting activities and spending time at the cottage. The knowledge and experiences Ray gained at UBBTS have continued to be valuable as he serves in many ministries at his local church. Ray has good memories of the time he spent in the UBBTS choir, with Harold Arbo by his side he became a bass singer, and he has continued to be a member of choirs around the city.

    Ray is thrilled that his family’s connection with Crandall did not end with him. Their daughter Susan graduated with a business diploma and an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree from ABC, and worked on staff for four years at ABU. Their grandson Brendan graduated with his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in 2018 and is now working toward his Bachelor of Education degree.

    Throughout his working years, Ray felt God’s guidance in many situations in his profession and felt that the Lord blessed him in many ways. He praises God for His guidance and answers to prayer. Ray’s prayer is that God continues to bless Crandall University in the years to come.

    Giselle Tranquilla

    Bachelor of Arts Psychology (Honours)
    Class of
    Published December 2019

    Giselle Tranquilla

    What have I been up to since I left Crandall?

    I graduated from Crandall University in 2001, back when it was ABU. After graduation I ended up working at the university for a year in Admissions as I was preparing for graduate school. I had the privilege of studying under Dr. William (Bill) Morrison while at Crandall, and whether he realizes it or not he encouraged me to look into continuing my studies at Trinity Western University in Langley, BC. I started my cross-country adventure in 2002, beginning with a very long drive, and eventually graduated with a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. I had known for a long time that this was the field in which I was going to work, and starting that journey at Crandall was an incredible experience. I spent 13 years out west working with high-risk youth and their families, in Child and Youth Mental Health and alongside Child Protection. In 2015 the Lord started to show me it was time to come home to the Maritimes, and I moved back across the country to Fredericton in September of that year. I have since joined a private practice in Fredericton where I have had the privilege of continuing the counselling work I know the Lord has called me to. I am also able to provide some support through the Counselling Centre at Brunswick Street Baptist Church in Fredericton. I am very busy, thankfully, and I am constantly being challenged both professionally and personally by the people God brings to my door.

    Outside of this work, the Lord has also called me into music ministry within the church context. This opportunity actually sprang from my incredible experiences being part of the worship teams while at Crandall. These experiences were some of the most meaningful to me from my time there. I have had the honour of playing music with some wonderful people who became good friends, and though we may not have all stayed in touch over the years, I hold these memories very close to my heart. They may never know it, but these fellow worshippers made lasting impressions. I have served in a few churches over the years as worship leader, and I am currently serving as Music Director at Rusagonis Baptist Church.

    How did Crandall prepare me for the future?

    My years at ABU/Crandall were some of the hardest, most challenging, most incredible years of my life. I know the Lord was preparing me for the work He was calling me to, and He was also revealing Himself to me in the midst of struggle, change and a fair bit of pain. God used many of the professors and staff to challenge and bless me, support and encourage me. He also allowed me to develop friendships I hold dear to my heart. And all of this made it possible for me to muster up the courage to move across country where the Lord continued to challenge, bless and encourage me. My prayer is that I am now able to give back and serve in a way that not only honours the Lord, but also speaks to all the tools He used to bring me to this place in my journey with Him, including Crandall University.

    Colin Tower

    United Baptist Bible Training School
    Senior Matriculation (Grade 13), 1964
    Published November 2019

    Colin Tower, Class of 1964“I attended UBBTS for 1 year, ’63-’64, taking the Grade 13 program. I attended Gordon College the following year in the Math-Physics program but didn’t continue for financial reasons. Returning home to Sackville, NB I began a career in finance. After a year with a finance company I was offered a job with Scotiabank in 1966. After 37 years, numerous transfers and positions, including; Personal Loans Officer, Branch Manager, Audit Manager NB & PEI, and Sr. Commercial Credit Manager, I retired from Brunswick Square Branch, Saint John in 2003.

    “I married a Sackville girl, Linda Turner and we have three wonderful sons, the first two by adoption.

    “My first bank transfer was to Chatham. Since there was no Baptist church there we attended Newcastle Baptist where Rev. Lew Farrell was the pastor. He ‘engineered’ a Junior Deacon position for me and took me under his wing. I have served as a Deacon in every church we’ve attended since then. My wife, Linda, an accomplished pianist, led and accompanied choirs and singing groups in those churches as well.

    “In 2005 Linda was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Two years after retiring I became a full-time caregiver. She lived ten years with the disease. Suffice to say that was an unexpected life event, testing faith and physically and emotionally draining. God proved faithful and sustained me and the family throughout. Subsequently, two years ago, I married a wonderful Christian lady who had a similar experience in that her first husband passed away after having had Alzheimer’s.

    “Crandall, or the Bible School as we referred to it, is one of my most valued experiences. The Christian teaching and atmosphere, choir and gospel teams, and many wonderful (lasting) friendships helped ground me and shape my life. In particular, my love of God’s word and His revelations to me got a real boost at UBBTS.”

    United Baptist Bible Training School
    Class of 1962
    Published October 2019

    Gil WebbGil’s life has been shaped by the connections that he’s made with others. After graduating from Crandall, UBBTS at the time, he did not feel like he was ready to continue his education right away, so he worked for three years at the Bank of Nova Scotia. This provided him with great on the job training and understanding of finances. After three years he enrolled in a computer programming course in Halifax and it was there he made a connection with a friend who encouraged him to go to Ontario if he wanted to work in the computer industry. Gil went to Toronto and worked for a number of years, before taking an opportunity in Calgary, Alberta to work for Gulf Oil. Gil spent two years there before again returning to Toronto to work with Gamble McLeod Ltd. as a programmer analyst.

    It was upon his return to Toronto that Gil reconnected with a classmate from his UBBTS days, a young lady named Dianne Steeves. Dianne and Gil quickly realized that they were meant to be together, and were married. At this time Dianne was a high school teacher, and did not enjoy the fast pace life style that came with living in Toronto and after a couple years moved back home. When they moved back to Moncton Gil worked at Apex Industries as a programmer and systems analyst for four years. He then went to work for Imperial Insurance Services as an Information Systems Manager for 3 years. It was in 1980 he started his 25-year career at Moncton New Brunswick Community College where he worked as senior instructor in Information Technology Management until retirement in 2004.  It was also at this time that he completed his Computer Science degree from Pacific Western University.

    Gil has been a very active member of both his church and community. He spent 10 years as a member of the Gideons and has always enjoyed both skiing and skating. In fact, he has spent time as both a ski instructor and Canadian ski patrol, and has also worked 39 years as a referee in the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA). One of his favorite community involvements was camp director for Hockey Ministers International (HMI) Camp, which took him as far as three trips to Sweden. He particularly enjoyed being able to invest in the next generation at a camp that was developing both their faith and athletic skills.

    Gil and his wife Dianne had three children together, Mark, Peggy and Tim and 6 grandkids. Sadly in 2010 Dianne passed away due to Alzheimer’s. This was hard for Gil as Dianne had always been instrumental in keeping him on the straight and narrow path. Gil says that God looked after him, and that what happened next was so “fairy-tale like” that it had to be God. When Gil and Dianne moved to Moncton they lived on the same street as the Foreman’s. Sandra and Dianne had been good friends, and their kids would often spend time together. As it turned out Sandra was single, with some gentle nudging from some of their kids Gil and Sandra went out for a coffee. They have now been married for seven years. Sandra is also a proud Crandall graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management (ALPS Program). She has three children Terry, Jeff, and Andrea, as well as 9 grandchildren. Gil and Sandra now have the joy of spoiling 15 grandchildren.

    When thinking back to his time at Crandall (UBBTS) Gil thought that it was an excellent environment to learn in because of the Christian influence. When he enrolled as a shy 15 year-old farm boy he knew he had to learn fast in order to keep up with the higher, academic standard that Crandall set. He also benefited from the mentorship of Earl Morrison, who taught math and physics and pushed and challenged him to want to achieve more than just a pass. Gil remembered him as a gentleman and mentor. There were two other men; Jack Allen, and Jack Ayles who continued to support him in both his personal and work life.  As much as Gil appreciated the academic rigor, the Christian influences from good friends, and mentorships, for him the best thing that happened during his time at Crandall was meeting his first wife Dianne.

    BA Sociology
    Class of 2000

    Published Sept 2019

    Richard Hovey ('00) and familyShortly after graduating from Crandall my family (Julie and our first daughter, Maria) and I made our way to Portage la Prairie, Manitoba to work with Youth for Christ. Our intention was to eventually return to Atlantic Canada to pastor within the Atlantic Baptist Convention. Our Lord had other plans, however, as we ended up moving further west to pastor in Saskatchewan. We spent 6 years with a Church of God/Anderson congregation and then 7 years with an AGC church in SK. In May 2019, while not returning to Atlantic Canada, we did return to the Baptist family as I took a position with First Baptist Church (CBWC) in Regina, SK.

    Over these years, my wife and I have had 3 daughters (Maria, Jennifer, and Andrea). Our oldest daughter has returned to Atlantic Canada and specifically to Crandall University where she has completed 2 years in her BA.

    I’ve continued to study since leaving Crandall. I’ve completed a MA in Christian Ministries (Pastoral Counselling emphasis, Briercrest Seminary), a MA in Theology (Briercrest Seminary), and a DMin in Leadership and Spiritual Formation (George Fox University). What lead me to doctoral studies in the area of spiritual formation was in part my interest in the work of Renovaré.

    In 2012 a conversation began between myself and Renovaré US around Christian spiritual formation in Canada. This lead to an invitation to draft a proposal for launching Renovaré Canada which I then presented to the Renovaré US board in 2013. In 2014 Renovaré Canada was incorporated and since then I have been serving as the founding/executive director of Renovaré Canada (

    My time at Crandall (then ABC/ABU) gave me a foundation in a few ways. First, it provided me sound teaching which grounded me not only in biblical studies but in shaping and developing a worldview. Secondly, the professors taught me so much outside of the classroom as well. Their ability to display Christ in their interactions with me as a student provided not only a nurturing presence for my own growth into Christlikeness but also served as an example of the kind of person I wanted to become. Lastly, Crandall provided a place to connect with other students who were on a similar journey – some of whom became deep friends.

    United Baptist Bible Training School
    Class of 1961
    Published August 2019

    Doug Horsman, Class of 1961

    During his time at Crandall, Doug met a number of people who impacted his life; however, he notes that Earl and Millie Morrison saved his academic life and paved the road for his professional and music life. When Doug graduated from Crandall University, at the time UBBTS, he embarked on a life long journey as both a teacher and student.

    After his time at UBBTS Doug continued his studies at New Brunswick Teacher’s College for his Teachers License (’62). Following this, Doug began his teaching career while attending University of New Brunswick for his Bachelor of Teaching (’68). Later, while at the University of Moncton he received both a Bachelor of Education (’71) and a Master of Education (’81). During that time he also received a principal’s certificate (’78) and driver’s education certificate (’69).

    Doug spent time teaching around the province teaching grades 5-11. His longest tenure was at Lower Coverdale School in Albert County where he spent 15 years, as both a principal and a grade 6 teacher. Doug also taught drivers education both in high schools and through organizations like the YMCA. Doug continues to teach drivers education to this day; however, he retired from teaching in the classroom in 1995.

    After finishing his professional education with his Master of Education, Doug had a desire to continue to learn. That desire brought him back to Crandall, at that time Atlantic Baptist University. He said he chose to return to Crandall because “of my determination to be exposed to more than a casual knowledge and understanding of the Christian religion.” Doug was able to continue to teach while taking course at Crandall part-time. While he was challenging, supporting, and expanding the worldview of his students, he found that he was being challenged, supported and pushed to expand his own worldview as he worked towards another Bachelor’s Degree. When Doug retired, he moved to full-time studies and in 1996 he received a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Atlantic Baptist University. He then went on to study at Acadia University and received a Master of Arts in Theology (’04).

    In 1965 Doug married Sheila Faye Jones, and together they have two children, Jonathan and Heidi. Throughout the years Doug has been active in his community primarily through his passion for music. He again sees the impact that the Morrison’s had on his life. He has been a pianist or organist at Saint Matthews Lutheran Church and at Brentwood United Baptist Church. He has also been active in local choirs as a bassist, having been involved in the UBBTS choir, First Baptist Church Choir, Greater Moncton Chorale Society, Mount Allison University Choral Society and Atlantic Baptist University Choir.

    The impact that Doug’s time had at Crandall is immeasurable. For Doug it was the people he was able to meet here that made a difference. As noted, Earl and Millie Morrison played a large role in his life, professionally, academically and musically. He was also able to learn from Rev. Leslie Wilton, Rev. Don Jackson and Dr. Stephen Dempster and views these individuals as “models par excellence.” For Rev. Wilton and Rev. Jackson, Doug noted his admiration for the way they engaged with students and the community in academic, social and political endeavours. Through classes and conversations with Dr. Dempster, Doug admired the way he was able to responsibly present Biblical content and “present both basic and wide-ranging lines of thought in the world of academics.” Doug is grateful for the time he spent at Crandall, and for the people he was able to meet there who played the role of not just educators, but also of mentors, supporters and encouragers.

    Class of 1984
    Associate of Arts
    Published July 2019

    Jeff Stubbert '84

    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    I began my Bachelor of Arts degree at Atlantic Baptist College and then went on to complete and graduate with Honours from Acadia University. In 1990, I completed my MA in Counselling from Providence Theological Seminary and started Touchstone Counselling Group. It’s a non-profit organization providing affordable faith-based counselling to the people of greater Moncton and surrounding areas. I’m currently the Director of Counselling at Touchstone and we have 5 counsellors and one admin staff, as well as an active Board of Directors.

    I’m also married to Kathryn, a Kindergarten Teacher, and we have three children. Emily is a Ph.D. candidate at McGill University, Josh is going to Holland College next September to study Culinary Arts, and Julia is in Grade 10 at Tantramar High School.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    Even though it’s been over 30 years since I studied at ABC, I still count it as a very positive growth experience. It gave me a solid understanding of how to do quality research and put together well-written papers. I still remember Dr. Bob Wilson announcing in chapel that I had gone from the Dean’s Prayer List to the Dean’s List! ABC taught me a strong scholastic work ethic and introduced me to professors who demanded excellence and hard work, but also always made themselves available.

    I feel very blessed to have meet excellent teachers and students, many of whom are friends to this day!

    Class of 1990
    Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
    Published February 2019

    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    After graduating from Crandall University (then ABC), I went on to complete my Master of Divinity at Acadia Divinity College in Wolfville, NS. While there, I was the Student Minister at Nixtaux Baptist Church.

    Following my studies at ADC, I was called to serve in the Norton Baptist field (1993). During my years there, I married my wife, Heather, was ordained, had two sons, and started my Doctor of Ministry (Preaching) at Gordon Conwell under Dr. Haddon Robinson.

    In December of 1999, during the Y2K fears, we moved to St. Stephen, NB to be the lead pastor at Union Street Atlantic Baptist Church. In one year alone, we baptized 26 people and almost doubled our congregational size. After almost 13 years there, I finally completed my Doctorate in 2003.

    In October 2012, I was given the privilege of joining the Canadian Baptist of Atlantic Canada as one of the Associate Executive Ministers (Director of Leadership development) under the denominations restructuring. My current portfolio provides the opportunity to walk alongside those who are experiencing a call to ministry within the CBAC, as well as the daunting task of discipline, as I work closely with the Board of Ministerial Standards.

    Now that we are empty nesters (both boys are in Ontario), we have filled our non-vocational time by volunteering with the local Junior A hockey team (St. Stephen Aces), where Heather is the Educational Coordinator, and I am the team Chaplain. Each week, we welcome over twenty-one 17-20 yr. olds into our home for a team dinner. The conversation is usually interesting, and an opportunity for ministry is ample.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    When I think back to my time at Crandall, there were crucial aspects that prepared me for my future.

    The first being that it provided a place in which I was prepared to listen for God’s call on my life. It was at Crandall where I wrestled with God calling me into ministry, and I was so glad that it was in an environment where I had other spiritual friends and staff that I could work this through with.

    Secondly, Crandall gave me an opportunity to learn how to study. I was not a great High School student, and in fact, when I came to College I had few study skills. The advantage of having a low teacher to student ratio didn’t allow my marks to slide into oblivion, instead, it provided the opportunity to learn from the patient and competent professors.

    Third, studying at Crandall provided the challenge that my life was not to be lived for myself, but was to be lived for the Glory of Christ by serving others both in the Church and out. The mission to my local community as a pastor-leader has always been a priority, and that was seeded during my years at Crandall.

    Finally, Crandall gave me the opportunity to develop rich friendships that have lasted some thirty years now. In life, you will need those around you during both times of sorrow and joy. The friendships I made during those years have been unbelievably important along this beautiful journey of life.

    Rebecca Carter-Chand, PhD

    Class of 2001
    Bachelor of Arts in History, Honours
    (Published December 2018)

    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    Upon graduating from Crandall, I headed off to Queen’s University to complete a MA in European and Jewish history. After working and studying for a few years, I enrolled in the PhD program (History) at the University of Toronto, studying modern European and African history, as well as Jewish Studies. I defended my dissertation on the Salvation Army in Germany in 2015. I then taught at the University of Toronto, Lakehead University, Orillia, and the Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Clark University in Worcester, MA.

    In July 2018 I began a new position at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum – truly, a dream job for me. I am a Program Officer for Programs on Ethics, Religion, and the Holocaust in the Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies. Our office works with academics, clergy, religious representatives, and interfaith groups who come to the Museum to learn about this history and the lessons it may offer people today. I plan faculty seminars and research workshops, meet with students and clergy groups, and continue my own research and writing.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    The history courses I took at Crandall University and the mentorship of my professors gave me a solid foundation for continuing with graduate studies. The History major is falling out of favour in many universities but Crandall has had a long tradition of graduating fine young historians who have gone to various graduate programs and careers.

    My experience growing up in the Atlantic Baptist context has shaped my approach to my research on Christian minority groups in Germany in the 1930s and 40s. I have a religious literacy that is increasingly rare in my generation and I can interact easily with people from a wide array of faith traditions. Most importantly, I have a particular insider’s perspective of how religious identities and religious communities exist in larger cultural contexts. It is undoubtedly my Baptist upbringing (including my time at Crandall University) that continues to shape my intellectual queries about Christianity, politics, and conflict.

    Class of 2012
    Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management
    (Published November 2018)

    Frankie Young

    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    After graduating from Crandall University, I was accepted into the College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan. I chose this law school because the Native Law Centre is located there, and I have a keen interest in legal issues related to Indigenous peoples. After graduating from the College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan, I practiced law for several years in the areas of trusts, secured transaction, banking and finance, and litigation financing related to Indigenous peoples. I then obtained my Master of Laws in the area of the taxation issues related to Indigenous Settlement Trusts. I am currently completing my PhD at the University of Ottawa on the issue of secured transactions on First Nations lands. I am in the process of accepting a tenure track professor position, and plan to stay active in the legal community. I am also committed to volunteering my services at Pro Bono Services where we provide legal services to clients whose access to justice is limited by their low income status.

    My research areas relate to property law, commercial law, banking and finance, trusts, secured transactions and Indigenous legal issues. I truly hope more educational institutions are able to get on board with providing students with meaningful knowledge around Indigenous issues in this country. Many are not aware of the history of colonialism and the devastating impacts upon Indigenous peoples.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    As I look back I could not have appreciated more the value of acquiring education in a Christian environment where one is free to pray in the classroom and express faith openly. I acknowledge that I am absolutely nothing without Christ. Each step of my journey has been through the careful leading and prompting of my Saviour. It could never have unfolded as it has without the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Crandall University set the stage for developing solid research and writing skills. I really benefited from the fact that many of the courses in the Bachelor of Organizational Management program involved research and writing. As an adult learner I have never been particularly keen on exams but prefer to develop hands-on practical skills. The manner in which the courses were set up and classroom discussion served me well in this regard. I felt prepared for the rigorous law school journey.

    Class of 2013
    Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies
    (Published October 2018)

    Thomas Morehouse and family

    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    After Crandall, I worked for a year and then went to the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University to pursue my JD degree. I graduated with my JD in May, 2017 and was called to the Nova Scotia Bar in June, 2018. Today, I am an associate with Blois, Nickerson & Bryson LLP in downtown Halifax. My practice is pretty general, but I am hoping to focus in the areas of criminal defence and civil litigation.

    Also, in June, 2018, I got married to my beautiful wife Brittany and became a father to my daughter Isabelle. Isabelle alternates between calling me Dad, Daddy, Tom, Tom Morehouse, and Mr. Incredible.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    Crandall University prepared me for my future in a number of ways, two of which I will note here. First, through its excellent professors, it helped me develop my reading, writing, and reasoning skills to the extent necessary to allow me to get into law school and to be successful.

    Crandall also taught me that there are compelling reasons to believe in the claims of Christianity, which cannot be dismissed as easily as some people (even those in academia) would have you believe.

    Class of 2004
    Bachelor of Business Administration
    (Published August 2018)

    Stephens Daniels

    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    My journey at ABU (Crandall) was by no means typical. While pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, I took a 6-year break from academic studies to work in the Hotel Industry in Banff, Alberta. So, when I graduated in 2004, I had acquired a business degree and years of real-world experience already under my belt.

    After graduation, I landed a sales position with, and later, a position as Director for Sales and Marketing with a company called Connetik Interactive located in Moncton. Unfortunately, neither were a fit for me. In 2008, an opportunity to participate in a Leadership development program with LMI Canada came my way. This was the opportunity I was waiting for. This was my calling. I began LMI practice in October of 2008 knowing it was the best decision I had ever made, but it would not be the easiest.

    After a few years of learning and progressing in an unknown industry, my associates and I became the top office in Canada and we haven’t looked back since. God definitely opened my eyes to LMI, a place that I can completely immerse myself using the gifts that He gave me. My job is Leadership Development Coach and CEO of the Slight Edge Group in Moncton, NB. We work with leaders all over Atlantic Canada. Some of the companies we work with are, Sobeys Group, Irving Group, Grant Thornton, Medavie Blue Cross, Assumption Life, Canadian Tire, Sun Life, Acadian Construction, etc. Over the past 10 years, we’ve worked with over 700 clients helping them grow from good leaders to great leaders. My purpose is to “Inspire a passion for life and leadership in everyone I meet” and LMI gives me a fantastic place to live out that passion.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    The foundation of confidence, faith and belief that I received at ABU is un-surpassed. I owe so much to ABU (Crandall), and Rob MacDonald in the business department. The greatest example of leadership was by Jesus himself. All of the leadership principles used with LMI are Biblical principles.

    Thank you to all of you for giving me the confidence to get out there and believing in my abilities to get started on my own!!

    Class of 1984
    Business Certificate
    (Published July 2018)

    Darlene (Harrison) Turner

    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    I graduated from Atlantic Baptist College (ABC) in 1984 with a business certificate. I took two years of various business courses and graduated on the Dean’s list. I immediately went to work in the office at Kenneth E. Spencer Memorial Home and stayed there for a few years. After that I worked for Apex Machine Works before circumstances took me to Halifax. In 1989, I started working for London Life Insurance Company and have now been with them for 29 years.

    In 1994, I took a leap of faith and continued my London Life career in London, Ontario. It was here that I met my husband Jeff at the Turtle Races (long story!). We’ve been married 20 years this fall.

    One of my favorite things to do is write contemporary Christian romantic suspense novels. Ever since I picked up my first Nancy Drew book, I’ve always loved a good mystery. That’s when my inspiration for writing took hold of my heart. I started my own “Mindy Dobson” mystery series. While I lived in Halifax, I took a Creative Writing course and began work on a short story that soon turned into a manuscript. It continued after I joined a writer’s club called Women Writing for Christ (WWC) here in London. That manuscript won the 2016 Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense for an unpublished novel. My second novel won the 2017 ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Genesis award in the Romantic Suspense category.

    I took courses through the Christian Writers Guild run by Jerry B. Jenkins. These helped me grow my writing career and I now have an agent who has pitched my manuscript to different publishing companies in the U.S. I’m continuing on with writing other books while I wait for publication. I know that God has a specific one in mind for me in His perfect timing.

    I’ve had an article featured in Our Canada plus other articles including a continuing short story published in an online publication – Christian Life in London. I blog weekly and share many stories of heartache, growth, and deal with different circumstances in life.

    I pray that God will use my words for His Kingdom. That’s why I write. For Him.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    I will forever be grateful for the studies I had at ABC. I met many amazing people that helped shape my life through life’s experiences. Dannie Brown was a huge influence in my life and what I learned through his classes has helped me grow in the world of business. I enjoyed being part of the choir and going on tours. What a great experience! I also rededicated my life to Christ while I was at ABC. I have been through many trials that have since helped me to grow stronger. As my mother always used to say, “God is good. All the time!”

    Note: I would love for you to connect with me through my blog at

    Class of 2000
    Bachelor of Arts (English, Biblical Studies)
    (Published May 2018)

    Sara Parks

    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    After leaving Crandall, I completed the Foundation in Fine Arts at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) in Halifax. For several years, I worked a variety of jobs, including teaching English as a second language in South Korea, along with several other ABU graduates.

    Eventually, further education beckoned me. I had obtained two majors at Crandall (first, English Literature, back at the ABC old location, and then Biblical Studies here at ABU/Crandall), so I took a while to decide which route to take. I loved both fields.

    In the end, I realized that there were not (at the time) many women in the Biblical Studies field. So I applied to the MA in New Testament and Christian Origins at McGill University, and stayed for the long haul, completing my PhD in Early Judaism and Historical Jesus in 2016.

    While studying, I also worked as the director of McGill’s Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (their multi-faith chaplaincy), and taught part-time at Concordia University’s department of Theological Studies.

    After graduating, I was delighted to be offered a position as assistant professor in New Testament Studies at the University of Nottingham, UK, where I currently work. I teach Greek, Intro to New Testament, Women and Gender in the New Testament, and Life of Jesus. I also supervise graduate students.

    Nottingham has a great research culture: professors have a cap on teaching hours so they have time to publish. This is ideal, since I love to write! My latest piece on “J. K. Rowling and the Bible” came out in Oxford Biblical Studies Online a few weeks ago. My first book Spiritual Equals: Gender in the Rhetoric of Jesus will be published this year with Fortress Press.

    I’ve also just signed a contract with Routledge for a textbook on Jewish and Christian Women in the Ancient Mediterranean, to be published in 2019. In 2020, I will be contributing a chapter to a volume on Margaret Atwood and the Bible with Gorgias Press. (That one is for Dr. Mantz!)

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    People might assume that a small, local university is somehow less rigorous. They would be wrong! ABU prepared me well for graduate school and academia, not only because of its heavy workload and high-quality lectures, but also because of the fantastic level of attention I (we all) received from my professors. Only now that I am a university professor can I really comprehend how many extra hours my ABU profs (I’m thinking of Barry Smith, Doug Mantz, and Stephen Dempster.) worked, all for the love of their students.

    I appreciated them at the time, but now I understand more tangibly what their “open door policy” and their written and verbal feedback on my every essay and exam meant. Nor did their support end with graduation. Their letters of reference were needed more than once throughout the years. Their comfort and prayers were freely given when I went through a period of deep sadness.

    Dr. Dempster even coached me in Hebrew to help me pass my PhD translation exam, and Dr. Smith invigilated it for me! I will always be grateful to them for the quality and quantity of their care. No matter how hectic the schedule gets, I try to “pay it forward” to my own students, in gratitude of them.

    Class of 1996
    Bachelor of Arts (History)
    (Published April 2018)

    Wayne Murphy and Family

    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    I graduated from Crandall University in 1996 with a B.A. in History and then continued on to Acadia Divinity College to obtain my M.Div. I met my wife Angela while studying at Crandall. We have five children: Abby (17), Aidan (15), Nason (12), Elias (11), and Matthew (8).

    I have served in a number of churches over the years and currently pastor Lancaster Baptist Church. I also serve as vice president of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada and have held various positions with them.   

    We have been very much involved in ministry to refugees arriving in our city. At Lancaster Baptist, we run a furniture depot for newcomers to Saint John in partnership with YMCA’s Newcomer Connections. Our depot has been able to provide partial or complete furnishings for well over a 170 families including newcomers from around the world.

    We also sponsor families, facilitate sponsorship for other groups in our city, do English and homework help, assist those who want to become citizens, and more.

    In August 2017, I was the recipient of the Acadia Divinity College Alumni Distinguished Service Award around leadership in the ministry to refugees.

    Photos: Wayne Murphy working with refugee families in Saint John.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    Thinking back at my years at Crandall, I have a lot of great memories. I believe Crandall prepared me well for where God would lead me in ministry. The University was instrumental in giving me a strong foundation academically and spiritually. My time there instilled in me the need to work hard, to have fun, and most importantly, put Jesus first.

    The relationships that I made at Crandall have continued to help shape who I am today. I met my wife, my closest friends, and colleagues there. Crandall helped build a strong network around me that has lasted long into the future.

    What are some things you enjoy doing in your spare time?

    I love playing ball hockey once a week in the “Over 30, Out of Shape Ball Hockey League” here at Lancaster.  We are just a bunch of guys who love to play and have fun.

    As a family, we enjoy spending time at our trailer in Brown’s Flat throughout the summer and experiencing all that the Saint John River has to offer.

    Class of 1986
    Associate of Arts
    (Published March 2018)

    Evelyn Fidler

    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    After graduating from Atlantic Baptist College in 1986 with my Associate of Arts, it seemed natural to continue my education at Acadia University. I wanted to further my studies in History, especially Atlantic Canada History. During my time there, one of my professors recognized my passion for museum work and pointed me to the University of New Brunswick’s Material History post graduate program. I graduated from UNB in 1992 with a Master of Arts in History and a post graduate diploma in Material History.

    That same year, I was hired by Kings Landing [a 300-acre living history museum in New Brunswick with original buildings from the period of 1820-1920]. After twenty-six years of doing almost everything related to museum work, I am now Kings Landing’s Collection Manager of their 70,000 plus artifact collection. I also serve on the board of the Association Heritage New Brunswick.

    Church at Kings Landing
    Kings Landing Part of Collection
    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    Crandall welcomed me, a scared student, from small village in Nova Scotia and taught me to reach my full potential. I was encouraged to continue, even after almost flunking out of Biology (Hence the reason why I was in Arts.). Of course, Dr. Wilson played a major role, along with Dr. Mantz. But in the end, all my professors taught me something. I learned confidence, how to speak in public, how to research, and how to hold my own as one of only two females on the co-ed soccer team. I obtained a work grant and learned the value of hard work.

    Note: Evelyn has been married since 1991 and has two grown sons. In her spare time, she enjoys coaching youth softball and soccer, playing sports when she can, and volunteering with local heritage initiatives.

    Class of 1975
    Associate of Arts
    (Published February 2018)

    Rolene Betts, Class of '75

    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    I graduated from Atlantic Baptist College with an Associate of Arts degree in 1975 and then completed my Bachelor of Arts at the Université de Moncton in 1977.

    In 1991, I graduated from Mount Allison University with a Bachelor of Education and began teaching in Moncton schools. I then earned my Master’s in Education in 1995 from the Université de Moncton. Research for my master’s thesis fueled my passion for studying the experiences of early career teachers.

    In 2006, I graduated from the University of New Brunswick (UNB) with a Ph.D. My dissertation was nominated for the Governor General’s Medal by the UNB Faculty of Education.

    At this time, I was honoured to have the Premier’s office use my research to help inform the pay raise for substitute teachers in NB. I was subsequently seconded to the New Brunswick Department of Education to analyze the data for the preparedness of new teachers. I then lead the development of the Fine Arts Curricula for our province’s teachers.

    Along the way, I have been recognized as one of eighteen “Emerging Scholars in Canadian Educational Leadership,” received the New Brunswick Affiliate Award, and most recently, appointed as an Honorary Research Associate (HRA) for UNB’s School of Graduate Studies.

    Currently, I work with Crandall’s education professors to help supervise several master’s research projects and teacher intern practica, along with supervising student doctoral work at UNB.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    What a privilege to study under professors like Dr. Bob Wilson at Atlantic Baptist College! It was in his “Western Intellectual History” course that I learned the importance of completing assignments to the best of my ability and handing them in on time. Studying at ABC laid the requisite groundwork for the exacting standards I have adhered to in all of my subsequent academic endeavors.

    Note: Rolene has been married to her husband John for 45 years. They have three children —Jason, Jessica, and Jared and are the proud grandparents of Leah and Isaiah. In her spare time, Rolene enjoys traveling with her family, downhill skiing, fishing, hiking, biking, kayaking, and gardening.

    Christmas Eve 2017 Highfield Church

    With family on Christmas Eve 2017 at Highfield Baptist Church

    Rolene Betts with Family

    With Husband John and Grandchildren Leah and Isaiah

    Striper Bass Tournament 2017

    At the Striper Bass Tournament 2017

    Class of 2014
    Bachelor of Arts History
    (Published January 2018)

    Jared Lister

    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    After graduating in 2014, I completed my Master’s in Viking History at the University of Iceland and have been travelling the world since then. I’ve travelled to Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, the Netherlands, and Germany. In 2016, I went on a 9-month working holiday adventure to Australia, where I learned about Aboriginal culture and heritage. I lived with the Aboriginals of the Daintree Rainforest in Tully, Northern Queensland, and studied their culture, customs, language, weaponry, and hunting. During my travel, I also was a surf instructor in Byron Bay, a horse ranch worker in Melbourne, a bartender at X Base hostels on Magnetic Island, and participated in an Aussie Rules Football League.

    After Australia, I went to New Zealand for a personal cultural study of the Maori people and their customs. While there, I was given my Maori Tiki bone carving pendant as a sign of respect from the Maori people and a Maori Whaiaka, a Maori club weapon. In Rotorua, I was given the title of Chief by a Maori Cheiftain and in Queenstown, I was given my very own Maori designed tattoo which not many foreign travellers can buy or receive as a gift.

    Next year, I’m travelling to South Africa to work on a Savannah animal rehabilitation center, to Nepal to trek up to Everest Base Camp, to Polynesia to go on an island tour. I eventually want to return to Australia to learn more of Australian Aboriginal Culture and live among the Aboriginees once again, particularly in the Red Desert region of Uluru.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    Crandall University played an important role in helping me travel the world and learn about other cultures. Dr. Bodner took time to help me apply for my MA Degree in History, encouraged me in my paper writing, and always provided a good sense of humor when I needed it. Dr. Sheldon MacLeod was another positive influence, from helping me choose courses that would best suit me for my MA to contacting me at random just to see how I was doing. Sheldon definitely promotes Crandall’s Christian message with a respect that few can contend with. Finally, Dr. Smith and Dr. Simbanegavi, who took time to help me plan a future where world travel and self-education of other cultures would be key in understanding myself and my own culture.

    Class of 2006
    Bachelor of Arts Psychology
    Bachelor of Education
    (Published December 2017)

    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    Joel came to Crandall, having escaped small town Newfoundland, with little to no direction. His only goal was to graduate, which he did by the skin of his teeth in 2006. With no desire to stay in Canada, and a desire to travel abroad, he took the first job offered to him – in China. He landed in Shenzhen, China a city of 15 million, teaching high school students at the Concord College of Sino Canada in August 2006.

    In his first year in China, he began to learn Mandarin in the evenings, and was blessed to meet Damaris, his wife of 10 years. In 2007, he started full-time Mandarin studies at Shenzhen University, while continuing to work in the evenings as an English teacher. As fate would have it, Joel began teaching private basketball lessons, and soon, enrolment in basketball classes increased, leading him to focus full-time on growing this basketball business.

    He was fortunate to meet great local and expatriate partners at the start of the business who brought great expertise to a very green business concept. Five-Star Sports began with a few students learning basketball in 2012, and it now has more than 3000 students, with locations in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shanghai.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    Being a student athlete on the basketball team led him towards lasting relationships. It was also what led him to coaching basketball in the greater Moncton community. Although he was a less than dedicated student at Crandall, the relationships formed with staff, professors and fellow students were integral to his development, and most importantly the start of his Faith in Christ.

    Class of 1987
    Associate of Arts
    (Published November 2017)

    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    After my year at Atlantic Baptist College, I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at University of Prince Edward Island, followed by a Masters of Social Work degree at Wilfrid Laurier University. Since then, I’ve been employed by the PEI government in Child & Family Services. I’m currently supervising Child Protection Services in Kings Country.

    I’ve been fortunate to travel to every continent but Asia and Antarctica, to date! I’ve also participated in three short-term mission trips to Bolivia with CBM. Most recently, I went on a two month solo venture where I worked as a social worker in the city of Cochabamba.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    My time at Crandall cemented the understanding that we’re all called to ministry, and for most of us, that isn’t vocational ministry. God calls us to different careers and equips us to serve wherever He calls. I deal with some of the most vulnerable people in society, and it’s a privilege to walk these children and families through some very difficult days.

    I also sat on the Board of Governors at Crandall for two terms. To play a small part in equipping the next generation of leaders was truly rewarding.

    Class of 1957
    Bible Diploma
    (Published October 2017)








    Congratulations to Rev. John Beers (Class of 1957) who received high recognition from the Government of Nova Scotia! Rev. Beers was the only pastor recognized by Kings South MLA, Hon. Keith Irving, for his 50th Anniversary of his ordination and service to many Nova Scotian communities.

    Rev. Beers credits his years at United Baptist Bible Training School (now Crandall University) for giving him a strong foundation. He explained, “The purpose in sharing this story is to highlight Crandall’s educational academic standards.”

    It’s no wonder his ministry has been a fruitful one when you hear his message for today’s church, he says, “Don’t remain within the walls of the church, but be out where the people are and seek to make a difference by our presence in word and deed. As Jesus said, ‘be salt and light.’”

    Congratulations, Rev. Beers, on this well-deserved recognition – to Him be the glory!

    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    After United Baptist Bible Training School (UBBTS), I studied at Acadia University and obtained my B.A., M.Div., and M.Th. degrees. From 1960-2012, I worked in many churches: Caledonia-Kempt-Maitland Bridge-Northfield Baptist Churches, Lawrencetown / Inglisville Baptist Churches, Pioneered Immanuel and Regal Road Baptist Churches in Dartmouth, Kingston / Melvern Square Baptist Churches, Zion Baptist Church in Yarmouth, to name a few. Even in retirement, I continue to be involved with Sunday Supply, the Eastern Valley Baptist Association, and the Examining Council of our Convention.

    The Lord has been faithful and I’m so thankful! Working as Area Minister for the Atlantic United Baptist Convention (now CBAC), receiving Acadia Divinity College’s Alumni Distinguished Service Award, and recently being awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the Government of Nova Scotia are some of the opportunities I treasure.

    God has blessed me with a wonderful wife, Ethel (Harlow) Beers, and we were married in 1967. We have four beloved children (three of which went to Crandall) and eight precious grandchildren. This past August, Ethel and I celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary – God is good!

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    First and foremost, UBBTS provided me with a solid foundation for life. The training at UBBTS prepared me for my undergraduate degree and theological studies at Acadia University. Through UBBTS, I made many life-long friendships, which have been an integral part in shaping me for ministry in Christ’s name.

    Class of 1996
    Bachelor of Arts History
    (Published September 2017)







    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    I graduated from Atlantic Baptist University (ABU) in 1996. After being part of the workforce for a period of time, I returned to school, this time I obtained a diploma in Business and Accounting.  It was the combination of my diploma and my university education that helped me get my next job in the accounting department at Cavendish Farms. It was during my time with Cavendish that I entered the professional accounting field and entered the Certified General Accountant (CGA) program. In 2010, I graduated with my professional designation, CGA, and today I’m a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA-CGA). I’m currently working on my Bachelor of Education (B.Ed. Adult Ed.) through University of New Brunswick.

    A lot has happened in those years, including marrying my amazing wife Timna (Williston) Briggs and raising our three awesome children: Evan (’05), Maisie (’07), and Lana (’10). While I’ve held positions from Junior Accountant to Controller, I now teach Business for New Brunswick Community College at their Moncton campus.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    ABU taught me how to apply myself academically and spiritually, and I’ve carried those principles throughout my studies and life. I formed many strong bonds with classmates, staff and faculty and they helped me see how to be a Christian and stand true to my faith – no matter what.

    Hannah Bartlett

    Class of 2016
    Bachelor of Arts Biblical Studies

    Bachelor of Arts English
    Youth Leadership Certificate








    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    Since leaving Crandall, I married John Bartlett on May 14th, 2016. I now live in St. John’s, Newfoundland where I am the Director at Newfoundland Adventure Camp (NLAC), a Christian camping experience for Grade 1-12 students.

    Last summer, my husband and I had an amazing camping season with first-time and re-commitments to Christ by both campers and staff. While a Master’s of Divinity is on my horizon, right now my whole heart is focused on the ministry at NLAC and witnessing the next generation grab hold of the gospel!

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    Crandall gave me an amazing education, especially in the areas of Biblical Studies and Spiritual Formation. My Youth Leadership Certificate gave me incredible hands-on experience which prepared me for the ministry I’m doing now. Crandall not only gave me valuable leadership training from Staff and Faculty, but it also helped me discern God’s call for my life.

    Thomas Coldwell

    Class of 2013
    Bachelor of Arts Sociology (Honours)
    Cross Cultural Certificate
    Youth Leadership Certificate








    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    After graduating from Crandall, I studied at University of Ottawa. In 2015, I graduated with my MA in Globalization and International Development with specialization in Feminist and Gender Studies. During this time, I briefly interned with Citizens for Public Justice, a faith-based public policy organization focused on Canada’s poverty, climate, and refugee policy. I also participated in Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), which was timely because my MA research focused on indigenous social movements in Mexico and their impact on the rights and lives of Indigenous women.

    My wife, Jen, and I both live in Calgary, where I work full-time with Mennonite Central Committee Alberta as the Peace Program Coordinator. I coordinate service and learning opportunities for youth and young adults to learn about homelessness in Calgary, migration and refugees in Mexico and Central America, and peacebuilding with young people from Canada and across the globe.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    The education I received at Crandall University provided a solid foundation for graduate studies and my current employment. My sociology degree nurtured confidence in research methods, statistics, and social theory, which was very useful throughout my master’s degree. The academic writing instruction I received equipped me to write at the graduate level.

    Courses like “Perspectives on Poverty”, “Population and World Hunger”, “Globalization and Current Social Issues” were very relevant for my graduate degree in international development. I entered my MA with a firm grasp of main concepts and issues, and I built on this knowledge at U of O.

    Aside from academics, I learned the value of community while living on campus and building lasting friendships with both students and staff. (How I miss spontaneous games of Ultimate Frisbee on the field and evening worship band practices!) Achieving academically has little value unless the benefits of that education seep into the community, and Crandall’s emphasis on both of these strengthened my commitment to these values.

    Rev. Troy Dennis

    Class of 1989
    Bachelor of Arts Biblical Studies








    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    After Crandall, I completed a Master of Divinity and Master of Theology degree from Acadia Divinity College, as well as Arrow Leadership. From 1994 to 2014, I served in 4 churches: Rivercross (Saint John NB), Grand Manan Community Life Church (Grand Manan NB), Shelburne Baptist Church (Shelburne NS), and Highfield Baptist Church (Moncton NB).

    I met my wife, Jan, at Crandall and we married in 1990. We have two children, Ian and Mark. Mark is currently studying at Crandall.

    In 2014, I became a military chaplain and am currently the Chapel Life Coordinator (Protestant) of St. Barbara’s Chapel at CFB Shilo.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    Crandall prepared me in many ways! Biblically, with a solid foundation. Missionally, with professors who encouraged me to think about how to adapt ministry. Educationally, with preparing me for future studies. Relationally, with servant leadership modelled and friendships made for life. Finally, with being encouraged to integrate my faith and worldview in all aspects of life.

    Mike Doiron

    Class of 2009
    Bachelor of Business Administration






    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    After graduating from Crandall University, I went on to get my Real Estate Licence. Since 2009, I have been independently involved with the sales of Lots, Mini Homes, Semi’s, Cottages, Condominiums, Single Families, Income Properties and Luxury Homes, ranging in price.

    I’ve been awarded “The 360 Degree Award of Excellence”, “The Positive Spirit Award”, and the Bronze and Silver Award. I rank amongst the TOP 3 REALTORS at Exit Realty Associates, TOP 30 UNDER 30 with Exit Realty Corp, and TOP 30 UNDER 30 Nationally with REP. For me, success is not merely measured by sales, but by enjoyable relationships built with my clients.

    In 2010, I married to Heather Doiron in 2010 and we have a beautiful baby girl named Emma Rose Doiron.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    As a Realtor, I run my own business. My Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration has better prepared and given me an edge for the very competitive Real Estate market. Thanks to such classes as Statistics, Ethics, Accounting, communications, business research, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Public Relations, Entrepreneurship and Christianity and Business; I felt comfortable starting my own business. Being able to study in my hometown with Christian Professors that truly care for their students was priceless and something I am so thankful for!

    Ken LeBlanc

    Class of 2001
    Bachelor of Business Administration








    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    In 1998, a simple idea of connecting private sellers with buyers via the internet was born at Atlantic Baptist University (now Crandall). Today, we have over 100 franchisees serving over 600 communities across Canada.

    Our system has grown from offering an online private sale platform to a high tech, high touch service delivered by experts. Our team approach includes innovative brokers (who are members of the Canadian Real Estate Association) to connect you to*, professional appraisers, an appointment booking service, the very best real estate lawyers in the country, and our PGPros – making selling without an agent painless and more convenient than ever before.

    Our franchise model provides the right balance of local entrepreneurs with high quality online tools and technology.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    Crandall was the launching pad for We had access to amazing professors, support for our “start-up” business and developed some key relationships and mentors that allowed us to flourish.

    Chantal MacDonald

    Class of 2008
    Bachelor of Arts English
    Bachelor of Education






    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    After graduating, I moved to Ontario to continue my education at the University of Ottawa. I completed my Master of Arts in English Literature in 2010 and then was hired as a high school English/Drama teacher at North & South Esk Regional High School in Miramichi, N.B. I taught there for 5 years, during which time I met the love of my life, Jeremy MacDonald. We were married in 2013 and he moved to Miramichi and started as an Associate Pastor at the Point Church. In 2015, we were blessed with a son – Ryker Elijah. While we loved everything about living and working in Miramichi, God called us to Orillia, Ontario in 2016. Jeremy currently works as a campus pastor for Connexus Church and I work part-time as an online ESL teacher and supply teacher while also staying home with our son.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    I look at my time at Crandall as so much more than just a degree or even a yearbook of fond memories. Through my studies, I learned time management and perseverance. Through my time on worship teams, I learned about compromise and collaboration. Through chapels, I learned the value of prioritizing God in my life and making time for Him daily. Through my education projects, I learned how to think on my feet, manage a class, and operate a smart board (more important that you would think!).

    In 2006, I had the privilege to be involved in the Oxford Study Programme. I was challenged and stretched, both academically and spiritually. I learned the value of travel and experiencing history and literature first hand. I learned about culture and accepting differences. This trip also ignited in me a personal passion for literature and the arts which propelled me toward further study and opportunities.

    I am so grateful for my time at Crandall and for all the ways that it has shaped who I am today.

    Sarah MacKenzie

    Class of 2002
    Bachelor of Arts Sociology
    Cross Cultural Certificate
    TESL Certificate








    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    After graduating from ABU, I went to Alberta and received my diploma and certified journeyman certificate as a hairstylist. In 2009, I went on a mission trip to Mazatlan, Mexico. In 2012, I returned to take an intensive missionary training program with “Youth With A Mission” (YWAM). This is when I connected with the non-profit organization, “El Pozo de Vida” (which means The Well of Life), who works with victims and survivors of human trafficking. In 2013, I worked at Crandall University in the Registrar’s Office and Athletics Department while I was preparing to move to Mexico City.

    Since 2014, I’ve been serving with El Pozo de Vida, where I ran a hair salon ministry in La Merced (the largest of 7 red light districts in the city). In 2015, we started a jewellery project in the salon called Nunayú (which means freedom), that currently employs 12 survivors. The women come every day and receive a fair wage to make jewelry. Nunayú is now located in a professional office building outside of the red light district, and I am currently in charge of this project.

    It has been an incredible and difficult challenge, but it is an honor to be part of the restoration process of these amazingly strong and courageous women.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    My time at ABU was integral to my foundation of faith, as I became a Christian a year before I started university. It was the Cross Cultural Certificate, though, that played a major part in where I am today. The internship portion of that program led me to Brazil and changed me in ways I never could’ve imagined!

    As a student, I had no idea God’s plan would include my random education, work experience and volunteer experience… but He made it come together and equipped me for this very special job in one of the largest cities on earth!

    Benjamin Porter

    Class of 2004
    Bachelor of Arts Psychology






    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    Since leaving Crandall, I went to Tyndale Seminary and completed my Master of Divinity. After graduating, God put on my heart the need for local churches to live out their faith through a revived biblical understanding of love. Shortly after, God opened doors for me to be one of the cofounders of “Love is Moving”, a ministry that produces media curriculum, a youth television series, and a magazine that targets youth and young adults. It’s been amazing to be part of what God is doing in Canada!

    In addition, I married a fellow Crandall grad, Christina Porter, and have 2 beautiful girls: Katia and Nadia. We live in Toronto where I’m on staff at Willowdale Baptist Church.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    The friendships, mentors, experiences, and education that Crandall provided me was priceless. I praise God for such a blessing, as I may never fully understand the impact my years at Crandall had (and continue to have) on my life.

    Liam Steele

    Class of 2000
    Bachelor of Arts Communication
    Bachelor of Arts English






    What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

    I moved to South Korea in 2001 and spent 15 years teaching English. I earned a Master’s in TESOL from Woosong University and then taught at Chongshin University. After that, I married Rachel Lee and began training for ministry at Torch Trinity Graduate University. After working 5 years in Children’s Ministry in Korea, I felt the Lord call us to the UK. That’s when I joined Operation Mobilization and we were sent to Bridgend, Wales to work with Union School of Theology. I lead the ESL course offered by the college, plan curriculum, and lead student discipleship classes. In addition, I work as the Union Mission Coordinator, which involves communicating between churches that are affiliated with Union and/or being planted by Union pastors.

    How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

    In studying both English and Communication Studies at ABU (now Crandall), I was better equipped with the knowledge and confidence to stand in front of people. I learned the philosophical background of communication, and valuable skills in public speaking and debate that has helped in my ministry. The courses in Christian Thought and Worldview provided me with a biblical foundation and balanced Christian perspective, which has allowed me to better defend my faith. All in all, I’m very grateful to God for my time at ABU!

    Alumni Graduate Studies

    The combination of a supportive community, excellent professors, and low student-faculty ratio have given Crandall grads an excellent foundation for further studies. Here are some of the universities our grads have attended:


    Acadia University, Wolfville, NS
    Atlantic School of Theology, Halifax, NS
    Atlantic School of Accountancy, Halifax, NS
    Carleton University, Ottawa, ON
    Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS
    Knox College (University of Toronto), Toronto, ON
    Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, NF
    McGill University, Montreal, PQ
    McMaster University, Hamilton, ON
    McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, ON
    Mount Allison University, Sackville, NB
    Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, NS
    Providence Theological Seminary, Otterburne, MB
    Queen’s University, Kingston, ON
    Regent College, Vancouver, BC
    Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS
    Sherbrook Medical School, Sherbrook, QC
    St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS
    St. Thomas University, Fredericton, NB
    The King’s University College, Edmonton, AB
    Toronto School of Theology, (University of Toronto), Toronto, ON
    Trinity Western University, Langley, BC
    Universite de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, QC
    University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
    University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
    University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
    University of Guelph, Guelph, ON
    University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB
    Universite de Moncton, Moncton, NB
    University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB
    University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON
    University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, PE
    University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK
    University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
    University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON
    University of Western Ontario, London, ON
    University of Windsor, Windsor, ON
    Wilfrid Laurier University, Kitchener, ON
    Wycliffe College (University of Toronto), Toronto, ON
    York University, Toronto, ON


    Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX
    Duquense University, Pittsburgh, PA
    Gordon College, Wenham, MA
    Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, South Hamilton, MA
    Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
    Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA
    Moody Bible College, Chicago, IL
    Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA
    Sioux Falls Seminary, Sioux Falls, SD
    Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY
    Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
    Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL
    University of Southern New Hampshire, Manchester, NH
    Walden University, Minneapolis, MN
    Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC
    Westminster Theological Seminary, Glenside, PA


    Durham University, Durham City, UK
    International Baptist Theological Seminary, Prague, Czech Republic
    Oxford University, Oxford, UK
    University of St. Andrew’s, Fife, UK
    University of Wales, Dyfed, UK
    Warwick University, Coventry, UK