Your Admissions Staff

Your Admissions Staff

    Each student is designated an Admissions Counselor from the moment they first connect with the University. To connect with your Admissions Counsellor today, please call 1-888-968-6228 or email

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    David Cook, M.A.

    Director of Admissions and Financial Awards

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    Lorrie Weir

    Admissions Assistant, Enrollment Specialist - Education

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    Matthew Wheaton, B.A.

    Admissions Counsellor

    Chris Robb, B.Rec.

    Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

    Tyler Steckly B.B.A.

    International Admissions Counsellor, Housing Don

    Rahul Massey B.A., A.A.M.A.

    Manager of International Student Procurement, India

    Angela Pattison B.A.

    Admissions Counsellor

    Krista Johnson

    Enrollment Specialist - Professional Programs