Visit Crandall

Visit Crandall

    Come for a Campus Tour and See What We’re All About

    The best way to see all that Crandall University has to offer is to come for a campus tour.

    You are always welcome to drop by the campus, but if you let us know you’re coming ahead of time, we can customize a campus tour to your specific interests. Tours include:

    • meeting with a professor in a particular major
    • talking to students
    • sitting down with an admissions counselor
    • As part of your campus tour, you can arrange to spend a night in our campus housing if you’re interested. While you’re there, you can visit with students and get their perspective on Crandall.

    If your interests extend to athletics or other extracurricular activities, we will arrange for you to meet with the athletic director, a representative of the student association or others who can answer your specific questions.

    PLEASE NOTE: We also offer scheduled visit days when you can experience our campus in the company of other prospective students. We encourage you to make these events a part of your plans as well.

    Whether you schedule an individual visit, drop by for a campus tour or participate in a scheduled visit day, the campus visit is all about you. We look forward to sharing our beautiful campus and all its exciting activities with you soon.

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    Your Admissions Team

    David Cook, M.A.

    Director of Admissions and Financial Awards

    Contact David

    Lorrie Weir

    Admissions Assistant, Enrollment Specialist - Education

    Contact Lorrie

    Matthew Wheaton, B.A.

    Admissions Counsellor

    Chris Robb, B.Rec.

    Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

    Tyler Steckly B.B.A.

    International Admissions Counsellor, Housing Don

    Rahul Massey B.A., A.A.M.A.

    Manager of International Student Procurement, India

    Angela Pattison B.A.

    Admissions Counsellor

    Krista Johnson

    Enrollment Specialist - Professional Programs

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