Transferring to Crandall

Transferring to Crandall

    Starting at a new school can be challenging. Large campuses, big classrooms, and lots of people, but… no one knows you? Crandall University is conveniently located in Moncton, NB and has a first-class modern campus, small classes, and staff & faculty who want to get to know who you are.

    If you are student at another university and things just aren’t working out the way you expected, or maybe you have friends already studying at Crandall that talk about how great this place is, then we would love to share more about what it’s like to study at Crandall.

    We even have scholarships available specifically for transfer students!

    So, give us a call, or if you are in the area, stop by and say “hi”. We would love to take you on a tour and discuss how Crandall University could be the right place for you!


    Contact us for more information!

    Call toll-free:  1-888-968-6228
    Outside Canada: +1-506-858-8970