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A Great Education and So Much More

Your son or daughter wants certain things from their university experience. As a parent, you also want the assurance that the University will prepare your child well for a rewarding career and provide a nurturing community environment that supports their faith.

Information for parents:

Rest assured, mom and dad! Crandall University is 100 percent committed to preparing your son or daughter for a position in their chosen field. Our Education graduates often accept positions in regional schools before graduation day. Our Business graduates have gone on to become accountants, information technology managers and entrepreneurs. Every degree we offer prepares your son or daughter for a specific career area and for graduate school, if that is their preferred post-graduation path.

The education your child receives is well respected throughout Canada and internationally. Courses are taught by professors who are not only recognized leaders in their fields but who also love to teach and mentor their students. Our low classroom ratio of students to professors (13:1) ensures that your child will receive lots of one-on-one attention and have the opportunity to get to know their talented professors well. They will graduate ready to have an impact and make a difference in their world.

Crandall provides a great value for your family’s investment in higher education. We have been recognized as one of the most cost effective Christian universities in Canada. Key information parents should be aware of include the fact that more than 80 percent of our students receive some form of financial aid to enhance the affordability of a Crandall education. We partner with you to make a Crandall University education possible for your son or daughter.

As a parent, you are very important to us, and we welcome your interest in your child’s education. There is a lot of information for parents on this page. We are also available to answer your questions any time at 506-858-8970.

Beginning a university education is a big step. We will do everything possible to make that transition a positive experience for your son or daughter. We are a close-knit academic community and we look forward to welcoming your family into our ranks.

Important Dates

March 1 – Deadline for Financial Aid Applications

Financial Aid applications are due at 4:30pm on March 1. If your student is mailing the application, it must be postmarked for March 1. Applications received after March 1 may not be considered.

Parent FAQ

What programs does Crandall offer?

Crandall University offers Bachelor’s Degrees in Arts, Science, Business Administration, Theology and Education. We also offer a variety of certificate programs and graduate-level programs.

Please feel free to browse our programs, or see the Academic Calendar for full program descriptions and course outlines.

How can I get more information about Moncton?

For information on what’s happening in Moncton, go to moncton.ca

What is it like on campus?

Crandall University is a small, friendly campus where students have many opportunities to interact with other students, staff, and faculty.  Located close to shopping, cinemas, and Mapleton Park, students can enjoy frequent trips off campus on foot, by carpooling with others, and on the Codiac Transit shuttle bus (Monday – Friday). Gorge Road, on which Crandall is located, has a sidewalk for pedestrians extending from the university to Mountain Road where students can access shopping, restaurants, and other businesses.

Is hazing allowed at Crandall?

No. Crandall University does not tolerate hazing.

Does Crandall have a co-ed dorm?

Although Colburne House accommodates both men and women, it is not considered to be co-ed housing. Men and women live in separate sections of the building. Open dorm hours and various social events in the residence allow for visiting with friends in the building.

Is there a bank on campus?

No; however, there are several banks located nearby on Mountain Road and on Trinity Drive. Check with your bank to find the branch located closest to Crandall.

Where do students get their mail?

All full-time students will have a mailbox in the Main Building. Check with your student to find out his/her mailbox number. Full-time first year students are assigned a mailbox number when they begin studies and, generally, it will remain the same during their years at Crandall. Part-time students may obtain a mailbox if one is available.

If sending mail to the university, please address your envelope as follows:

Student’s name
Student’s mailbox number
Crandall University
Box 6004
Moncton, NB E1C  9L7

Can I purchase Crandall clothing on campus?

Crandall clothing is available in the Crandall Bookstore which is normally open Monday to Thursday from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm during the academic year. T-shirts, golf shirts, and a variety of other items are available there.

Can students sign up for medical insurance on campus?

Group medical insurance is available for students. Students who have coverage through another insurance plan are required to submit a Health and Dental Waiver to the Finance Office by the indicated deadline so they won’t be charged for this service.

Will I be notified if my son or daughter is hurt or in danger?

If we learn of an emergency involving one of our students, we will attempt to notify the student’s parents, in accordance with our emergency notification policy and procedures. Hospitals and police will also follow their own notification protocols.

Can I find out what is owed on my student’s account?

Unfortunately, the University is not at liberty to provide this information to you because it is considered to be confidential. It is the student’s responsibility to provide his or her family with the details of their financial status and to make arrangements for payment of their account.

How can I find out my student’s grades?

This information is also considered confidential so the best approach is to ask your son or daughter directly. Communicating with young adults can be a challenge; however, the ability and willingness of students to share information usually increases, especially as they acquire the confidence that comes with assuming greater responsibility for their lives.

Will I be notified if my son or daughter is placed on academic probation?

No. Information about grades and academic standing is sent directly to students. You may choose to ask your child to keep you informed about his academic performance.

For reference, the university is unable to release any of the following information to anyone but the enrolled student:

  • Student telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, or off-campus addresses.
  • Account balances.
  • Timetables
  • List of courses completed.
  • Academic standing.

Does Crandall hold Sunday chapel/church services?

At Crandall, we hold daily chapels during the weekdays, but do not hold weekend services. The greater Moncton area has over a hundred churches, and a variety of these churches come to campus to pick up students wishing to attend weekend services. Students commonly car pool to a number of churches in the area as well.

What are some of the local churches?

Moncton is home to a variety of churches serving many denominations. Some churches provide transportation on Sundays for residence students who wish to attend their services. Students may attend the church of their choice. Crandall offers daily chapels on campus and a variety of spiritual growth opportunities.

Visit Crandall University

The best way to see all that Crandall University has to offer is to come for a campus tour. We can also customize a campus tour to your specific interests.

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