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Crandall is a not-for-profit Liberal Arts University located in beautiful Moncton, New Brunswick, and is the largest faith-centred university in Atlantic Canada. We offer a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and certificate program options, with intellectually challenging courses focused on delivering a rigorous, holistic, and transformative learning experience. At Crandall, you will find a safe, warm, and caring community with professors and staff who are passionate about being examples by living out the Christian faith and giving students the support necessary to thrive and enjoy student life to the fullest!

Why CU?

Your student wants certain things from their University experience. As a parent, you also want the assurance that the University will prepare your child well for a rewarding career and provide a nurturing environment that enables them to succeed. The education your child receives at Crandall is well-respected throughout Canada and internationally, and every degree we offer prepares your child for a specific career area as well as graduate school, if that is their desired post-graduation path.

Courses are taught by professors who are not only recognized leaders in their fields, but who also love to teach and mentor their students. Our low classroom ratio of students to professors (13:1) ensures that your child will receive lots of one-on-one attention and have the opportunity to get to know their talented professors well. Students will graduate ready to have an impact and make a difference in their world!

How to apply

Apply online

Choose “Register here” on the login screen for first-time applicants.

Submit official transcripts
(including final official transcript upon completion of grade 12)

Transcripts can either be emailed to admissions@crandallu.ca or mailed directly to:

Crandall University Admissions Office
Box 6004
Moncton, NB   E1C 9L7

Apply for scholarships & bursaries!

We offer Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships, but have a lot more to offer as well. Please note that the deadline for additional scholarships is March 1.

Learn more about Financial Awards

Interested in living on campus? Apply now!

Students who plan to live on campus should apply early, as space in residence is limited.

Learn more about on-campus housing.

Parent FAQ


What are the start and end dates of the school year?

Classes begin on the Wednesday following Labour Day weekend in September, and end in early April.

Additional information can be found in our Academic Calendar

Will courses from other institutions transfer to Crandall?

A student who is interested in transferring from another post-secondary institution will be required to submit a copy of their university transcript, and our Registrar’s Office will evaluate it for possible transfer credit.

Post-secondary courses taken elsewhere are eligible for transfer credit if they comply with the standards established by Crandall University for its own courses and programs. The maximum number of hours accepted for transfer credit from other institutions is 60 credit hours towards a 120 credit-hour degree.

Additional information can be found in our Academic Calendar

Where can students get help with their coursework? Are there tutoring services available?

Crandall’s Writing and Student Success Services (WSSS) exist to enhance the learning opportunities of the student community. For students who are looking for a little extra help to succeed in their studies, WSSS provide a variety of free resources such as workshops, peer tutoring, writing assistance, and more to help develop strong academic habits and life skills.

These services exist for all Crandall students across all programs and levels of academic success. Trained peer tutors as well as various staff and faculty contribute to the overall academic programming and support that is available.


What is the cost of tuition for one school year?

Learn more about undergraduate tuition and fees.

Additional information can be found in our Academic Calendar

What kind of scholarships and bursaries do you offer?

The Financial Awards Program at Crandall includes scholarships, entrance awards, and need-based bursaries. There are Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships and Awards for high school and transfer applicants who demonstrate academic excellence, as well as additional scholarships and bursaries.

To be considered for additional scholarships and bursaries, students must apply by March 1.

Learn more about Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries


What is the deadline to apply for admission?

We offer rolling admission for our undergraduate programs, which means that students may apply anytime, with no set deadline.

Can I visit the campus beforehand?

Absolutely, we would love to have you visit! You can schedule a Campus tours by booking online, connecting with an Admissions Counsellor, or contacting the Admissions Department:

Email: admissions@crandallu.ca
Phone: (506) 858-8970 Ext. 290

What are your admission requirements?

Admission requirements vary by program.

Learn more about undergraduate admission requirements

Student Life

What kind of co-curricular activities exist for students around campus?

At Crandall, numerous activities, organizations, and opportunities exist for students to grow in all aspects of life. Drama and music teams offer students an opportunity to develop talents and abilities.

Our athletics programs are growing, with both varsity and club sports teams (*link for athletics).

Additionally, the Crandall Student Association (CSA) plans great events for students to participate in and provides the opportunity to develop student leadership potential. Social activities abound, and include events such as movie and trivia nights, coffee houses, banquets, campus-wide games, and more!

What activities/resources are available for spiritual development?

One of the ways the Crandall community celebrates the Christian faith is through an engaging chapel program that includes musical worship, Biblical teaching, and small group/mentoring opportunities throughout the academic year. Chapel is a focal point in campus life at Crandall, and provides an opportunity for students and employees to experience spiritual rejuvenation and encouragement in their relationship with God.

Students are also encouraged to connect with a local church where they will receive strength and have the opportunity to exercise their gifts and talents. Feel free to connect with the Student Life and Transformation Department for more info: custudentlife@crandallu.ca

What kind of resources exist for off-campus/commuter students?

At Crandall, we have many amenities that are helpful for both on- and off-campus students. The university is pleased to provide free parking on campus for all students, staff, faculty, and visitors. Students may also sign out lockers to help hold belongings for the day and throughout the school year. This is very convenient for off-campus students. Crandall’s key-card accessible Fitness Centre is also available for all students to use, whether they live on or off campus.

Additionally, Corrie’s café is a great resource for off-campus students, providing hot and cold beverages, baked goods, snacks, and full meals for members of the Crandall community, as well as visitors. Codiac Transit, Moncton’s public transportation system, has routes that come directly to the Crandall campus throughout the day, making it very convenient for off-campus student who may be planning to take the bus to campus.

How can I send mail to my student?

If your student is living on campus, you can send mail to the following address:

Student’s name
Crandall University
Box 6004
Moncton, NB   E1C 9L7

If your student is living off campus, we recommend sending mail to the address where they’re living.

My student has dietary restrictions; can the on-campus meal plan accommodate this?

When applying to live in residence, students can indicate any allergies/intolerances, including food sensitivities. Our Food Services Manager and kitchen staff are equipped to make accommodations for students who have dietary restrictions, and prospective students may reach out to them directly, in addition to indicating their sensitivities on their Residence application form.

What mental health support and services exist at Crandall?

Crandall University is committed to both the academic and personal development of all students. At Crandall, we provide confidential mental health services to undergraduate and graduate students to help foster strong mental health and to help students learn healthy life skills. We have two on-site counsellors who can provide assessments, counselling services and/or referrals. We desire to help students dealing with a variety of needs, such as depression, anxiety, academic stress, grief, relationships and beyond. Our goal at Crandall is to help students learn to be the healthiest versions of themselves, and to help set them up with skills that will help them throughout their whole life.

On-campus Housing:

There is so much to gain from living on campus. Nothing matches the opportunities for friendship, fun, faith, convenience, support, and involvement the way life in residence does. Students enjoy easy access to the dining room, library, gym, and other key facilities on our Crandall campus.

When there are breaks between classes, students have a quiet and convenient place close by to connect with friends, relax, or study. Plus, they have the amazing opportunity to make lifelong friends and connections! The campus housing program at Crandall is truly a significant part of what makes a student’s time here life-changing. Living in residence is the best way to fully experience university life, succeed academically, and make those lifelong friends.

We encourage your students to come experience quality on-campus living that provides safe and inviting housing options that also meets their need for both independence and support.

For more information, please connect with the Manager of Campus Housing at crystal.knowles@crandallu.ca

Learn more about campus housing

Learn more and connect

Visit Crandall University

The best way to see all that Crandall University has to offer is to come for a campus tour. We can also customize a campus tour to your specific interests.

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