Glenn R


  • Religious Studies

Graduating Year: 2021

Hometown: Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Canada

Living: On Campus

I’m involved in:

  • Charger's Basketball Team Manager
  • Charger's Soccer
  • Intramural Basketball


  • Dogs
  • Games with Friends
  • Piano
  • Sports

Why I chose Crandall

I was fully set up to go to another school, but it just didn’t feel like home – Crandall did. I also knew that Crandall would help me grow as a person despite whatever program I ended up choosing.

What makes Crandall special

I think Crandall is special because of its community. Crandall culture is something that you can’t experience anywhere else. It feels like everyone here is willing to be a friend.

My advice for incoming students

You don’t need to know all the answers yet. I didn’t, but there are so many people here that are paid to help you “figure out your life” so to speak. Many more people will be praying for you as well. You have the opportunity to encounter so many people that will help you along the way.

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