• Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Theology
  • Claystone Certificate

Graduating Year: 2024

Hometown: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Living: Off Campus

I’m involved in:

  • Chapel tech team
  • CSA
  • Intramural Sports


  • Game nights
  • Hanging out with Friends

Why I chose Crandall

for me it was the Claystone Certificate–a program combing outdoor adventure with Christian discipleship–that initially drew me to come to Crandall.

Favourite Crandall memory

A prank that me and the other members of the Claystone certificate played on the program director: while on a group canoeing trip, the director accidentally ate all the apples that were meant for apple crumble on the last day of the trip. On April Fools, we all got a bunch of big bags of apples, got someone to let us into his office, and just filled it–putting apples on his desk, chair, bookcase, and even balancing apples on his coat rack.

What makes Crandall special

Crandall is a small community. While we have hundreds of students and many of them I don’t know, but there is almost never a time that I walk down a hallway or go into a class and there aren’t at least a few people I know. In addition, professors are always willing to help us understand things we might be having trouble with, and it’s not hard to just find yourself chatting with a member of the staff or faculty.

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