United States: Admissions

United States: Admissions

    Along with your completed Undergraduate Application, applicants from the United States will be considered for admission based on:

    • The successful completion of an academic program from an accredited high school or other educational institution.
    • Minimum average of 70% on five successfully completed Grade 12 academic courses including Grade 12 academic English.

    Entrance Requirements:

    • Bachelor of Arts: Grade 12 academic English, four additional grade 12 academic courses.
    • Bachelor of Business Administration: Grade 12 academic English, Grade 11 or 12 Academic Math, three additional grade 12 academic courses.
    • Bachelor of Science: Grade 12 academic English, Grade 12 academic Biology, Grade 12 academic Chemistry, Grade 12 academic Math, one additional grade 12 academic course.

    United States Citizens and Legal Residents of the United States of America are able to process their application for student permits at their Canadian port of entry. It is imperative that a student:

    • be in possession of a completed application for study permit and supporting documentation as per the Immigration Canada website
    • be in possession of a letter of acceptance from Crandall University
    • have evidence of sufficient funds for all tuition and accommodation
    • have identification establishing U.S. citizenship or a U.S. alien resident card.

    A document processing fee will be collected at the port of entry. Since immigration requirements are subject to change, students are strongly encouraged to contact the Canadian Consulate nearest them prior to crossing the border. For more information, please contact Immigration Canada.