Master of Organizational Management

Master of Organizational Management

    The Master of Organizational Management (M.Org.M.), one of Crandall’s Professional Programs, is offered as an alternative to the MBA in that it will focus more on working with, and through, people than on the technical aspects of business administration. The M.Org.M is delivered in a format enabling those already in the workforce the classroom opportunity for completing their graduate degree during evening hours.

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    Special Program Highlights for the Master of Organizational Management:

    • This is a non-traditional program created to serve working professionals who hold an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree from any discipline (i.e. B.B.A., B.A., B.Sc., B.Ed, B.Th.)  and has at least 2 years full-time working experience of any type(s) in any organization(s) of any sector(s).
    • Courses are held Wednesday night. Each course takes between 5 and 10 weeks to complete. Students take one course at a time.
    • Course requirements are completed outside of  your work schedule.
    • Classes are small and personable.
    • The program enhances students’ interpersonal skills, written and verbal communications and problem-solving and decision making abilities as well as  expanding their understanding or research techniques and applications.
    • Classes are taught by various full time professors who are highly qualified and experienced in their area of expertise.
    • Professors are excellent educators who typically build strong relationships with students.
    • Starting September 2018, the M.Org.M. will offer a Full-time option alongside the Part-time program. These students will take a full course load and will be eligible to complete their M.Org.M. in 11 months!

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