International Bachelor of Commerce

International Bachelor of Commerce

    The IBCom program is especially designed so international students can receive in-depth knowledge and practical experience with the financial aspects of successful North American business ventures related to both resource and human capital.

    Graduates of this program will be desirable to many multi-national corporations, businesses involved in foreign trade, government and public institutions, international relief and environmental organizations. This 120 credit degree is designed to be completed by including a block of 60 transfer credits from a partnering international pathway university with an established agreement with Crandall University.

    Current pathway Universities:

    Guru Kashi University (Talwandi Sabo, India)

    College of Business Studies (Nicosia, Cyprus)

    Graduates of Crandall’s IBCom can look forward to career opportunities in:

    International Business – Entrepreneurship – Management – Government

    Courses you may take include:

    • Business Ethics
    • Research Methods
    • Canadian Business Law
    • Public Speaking
    • Strategic Management
    • Themes of the Bible
    • Values Based Business
    • Human Resource Management
    • Introduction to the Christian Religion
    • Electives

    Admission Requirements

    • IBCom applicants must attend a recognized pathway university
    • Applicants must have completed a minimum of 60 credit hours of prerequisite courses with a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4 point scale.
    • Applicants of the IBCom may qualify to receive conditional admission to Crandall University with the demonstration of a minimum IELTS (or equivalent) score in English proficiency.

    All International Students must obtain a study visa from the Government of Canada – Immigration and Citizenship in order to be eligible to study at Crandall University.