Cross-Cultural Certificate

Cross-Cultural Certificate

      This program was created to provide an academic base for those students interested in future service in a different culture.  Students will gain knowledge of diverse cultures and peoples, an understanding of overseas missions and development, and language learning skills. The program will culminate in a short-term trip overseas, providing a first-hand cross-cultural experience.

      The Cross-Cultural Certificate is normally taken concurrently with a baccalaureate degree at Crandall University.  This program is particularly applicable for those considering occupations in or relating to these areas:

      • Relief and Development
      • Missions
      • International Business
      • Multiculturalism
      • Teaching Overseas


      Students interested in applying to this program would normally do so in their first or second year of degree study. Applications can be obtained from the director of the Cross-Cultural Certificate, and they must be submitted by October 15th. Admission to the program will be based on several criteria including demonstrated academic ability and maturity, interview and reference input, and a clear interest in future overseas service. Where the applicant is interested in service with a Christian organization, strong Christian character will be considered as well.

      Sociology Requirements (6 credit hours)
      • 3 from SO2133 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
      • 3 from SO2143 – Life Cycle and Kinship
      Global Missions Requirement (3 credit hours)
      • 3 from RS3483 – Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
      Linguistics Requirement (3 credit hours)
      • 3 from CO/LI2023 – Linguistics II
      Internship Requirements (3 credit hours)
      • 3 from ID/SO4863 – Cross-Cultural Internship*
      Cognate Electives (6 credit hours)

      Choose two courses from the following cognate electives:

      • BI3013 – Environmental Issues
      • RS2823 – World Religions
      • RS3403 – Christian Spirituality
      • SO2313 – Population and World Hunger
      • SO3043 – Perspectives on Poverty
      Language Electives (6 credit hours)

      Choose any two language courses from the following list:

      • Any modern language
      • CO/LI2013 – Linguistics I
      • ED3123 – Teaching English Language I
      • ED3133 – Teaching English Language II

      *Students interested in taking the Cross-Cultural Internship (ID/SO4863) may do so without being ac­cepted into the Cross-Cultural Certificate program; however, they must have taken SO2133 and at least two of the three following courses: SO2143, CO/LI2023, RS3483. It also needs to be noted that the courses required for this certificate are not offered every year.