Chemistry Minor

Chemistry Minor

      Students interested in the physical sciences who wish to concentrate their studies in Chemistry may choose to take this minor. Formative in nature, this program option allows students to delve into the complex and exciting study of the chemical world.

      Fueled by curiosity and an aptitude for the sciences, students in the Chemistry minor will have the opportunity to expand their horizons and career opportunities with the knowledge gained from the lectures, labs, and experiences in in this program.

      As with other program offerings in the Science department, students benefit from close contact with their professors, allowing a great deal of freedom to ask questions and learn in a community atmosphere – to allow their curiosity to develop into a knowledge that seeks wisdom.

      Minor in Chemistry (18 Credit Hours)

      • CH1013 – Introduction to Chemistry I
      • CH1023 – Introduction to Chemistry II
      • CH2113 – Organic Chemistry for the Life Sciences
      • BI3203 – Biochemistry for the Life Sciences
      • Two of the following:
        • CH2213 – Inorganic Chemistry I
        • CH2313 – Introductory Analytical Chemistry
        • CH3513 – Directed Study in Chemistry
        • CH3523 – Directed Study in Chemistry

      *Available to students in Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science programs. Students may need to complete some course work through Intensive week or Spring courses.